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Giga Berlin: More foundations and escape tunnels after the first pile driver


The huge 300-hectare (741 acres) site of the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany is looking more and more interesting with each passing day as the development work shifts into higher gear.

Just last week, Tesla inserted the first pile driver into the Giga Berlin ground where the site preparation work like the ground leveling, excavation, and gravel on a piece of land had already taken place.

Tesla enthusiasts from the Grünheide area and the surroundings constantly feed drone footage and photo updates from the Gigafactory Berlin site, the latest video from Tobias Lindh shows that today Tesla drove another 19 piles to the factory’s ground.

Looking at the following Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s overview map/master plan, the lines marked with orange color are the escape/rescue tunnels — the large horizontal markings being made by the excavators (video and screenshot below) are most probably for these rescue tunnels — pretty interesting stuff going on in Grünheide.

Tesla Gigafactory Berline overview map / master plan (click/tap image to zoom-in). Source: Kevin P. Hoffman via Tobias Lindh.
Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, rescue tunnel markings. Image Source: Tobias Lindh (posted with permission).

By the looks of it, the ground preparation work is almost done on the Giga Berlin site and the groundbreaking ceremony shouldn’t be too distant in the future.

The land bought for €40 million earlier this year, mostly consisted of a cultivated plantation with dense trees and WWII war ammunition laying around in pieces — but with the help of the local and federal German governments, the plan of starting Tesla Model Y production in 2021 seems like right on track, even with less speedy work that was done on the Gigafactory Shanghai, only 9 months and it was all ready to go.

There is one block in the north-eastern part of the land which is prepared with gravel is most probably the building material storage area which is going to come in handy during the entire construction time span of the Giga Berlin, a short video below shows how the work was progressing in this area last week.

We will be closely following and posting the Gigfactory 4 Berlin development updates, so stay tune.

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