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Tesla confirms the cutoff date for discontinuing the Mobile Connector charging bundle for new orders


Tesla has finally officially confirmed the cutoff date for providing the Mobile Connector charging bundle with vehicle orders. According to several customers’ written and verbal correspondence with Tesla employees at the company’s stores, the automaker will provide the Mobile Connector package for vehicle orders placed on or before 17th April 2022.

For orders placed after 17th April 2022, Tesla will not provide the Mobile Connector charging bundle that was previously included in the price of the car. On this same date, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the discontinuation of the Mobile Connector.

Musk said that due to the low usage of this basic charging equipment, Tesla is now removing it from car orders and is going to provide it separately for a reduced price of $200.

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Communication of a Tesla customer to a Tesla sales assistant confirming the cutoff date for the Mobile Connector charging equipment. Credit: u/Force-user / Tesla Motors subreddit.

Several other Tesla customers from the Tesla Motors subreddit who have their vehicle orders in the queue have also confirmed that they have been told the same by Tesla HQ.

“Any vehicles ordered after April 17th, 2022 will not come with the charging bundle. Your order was placed on [or before the 17th!] You should receive that bundle,” the content of the Tesla email/message stated.


When Elon Musk confirmed the removal of the Tesla Mobile Connector from the vehicle order during the weekend, the automaker faced a sort of backlash from the Tesla Community across social media platforms, especially Twitter and Reddit.

But Tesla seems to have stayed firm on its decision of excluding the Mobile Connector equipment and offering it separately. This basic charging connector is able to be directly inserted into a 110-volt power outlet and gives a charging rate of 2-3 miles per hour. The bundle also includes an adapter to use with non-Tesla charging stations.

Talking about this issue on Twitter, Elon Musk previously said that the $200 bundle will include additional new plug adapters as well. However, till this writing, the price of the Tesla Mobile Connector has not changed from $400 to $200 yet and the product is still “out of stock” in the automaker’s online store.

Tesla Mobile Connector charger. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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Elon says that there is very little usage of the mobile charger, so he will sell us a $200 package that contains more adapters! Doesn’t make sense! How can more adapters make owners use the mobile charger more?

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