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Elon Musk drops the idea of resizing the Cybertruck


After CNBC released a teaser of the upcoming Jay Leno’s Garage episode where Elon Musk stated that Tesla will be reducing the overall size of the Cybertruck to about 5% — Elon and his Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen re-analyzed the design and decided to abandon the resizing plans altogether.

Elon Musk further stated that “We’ll probably do a smaller, tight world truck at some point.”

In my opinion, this is the right decision made by Elon Musk and his team at Tesla, resizing the Cybertruck would certainly have affected the truck’s ‘bad ass’ looks, one of the main reasons this vehicle exists.

As far as fitting in a garage concern, this thing is literally rust and dent-proof (30X cold-rolled stainless steel), therefore, parking it in the open will not cause much harm to it (keying the Cybertruck is virtually impossible).

In this slightly over 2 mins teaser clip, Elon Musk said that unlike other automakers, Tesla strives to give customers the closest version of the vehicle that they show at unveiling events, so the production Tesla Cybertruck will be roughly the same as it is currently in its prototype form.

Elon Musk also said that the armored glass will be used in the production versions and the 30X cold-rolled stainless steel side panels are bulletproof to a handgun — to which Jay Leno asked “Why is it important to be bulletproof?” Elon Musk replied:

Because it’s badass & super cool! I mean, do you want your truck to be bulletproof or not?

When the apocalypse comes you should be glad it’s bulletproof, We want to be a leader in apocalypse technology.

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Tesla Cybertruck entering the Boring Company test tunnel at SpaceX HQ (update: Watch the Cybertruck drive inside the tunnel). Image: CNBC Prime

In the latest teaser, the Cybertruck is seen entering The Boring Company’s test tunnel that is built from the SpaceX HQ to a nearby parking lot, but the scene cuts here — how and if the Cybertruck can travel through the tunnel, remains to be seen — stay tuned.

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