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Cybertruck drives inside the tunnel, watch full Jay Leno’s Garage Tesla segment


CNBC Prime finally releases the full Cybertruck segment of the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage which also features Elon Musk, the Next-gen Tesla Roadster, Model Y, and the Tesla Semi Truck (videos below).

Jay Leno started recording this episode way back in January as he and Elon Musk were seen driving the Tesla Cybertruck on the streets of LA — it was just late last month that CNBC started airing the teasers of this episode.

Earlier this month, Jay Leno expressed his thoughts on driving the Tesla Cybertruck on Spike’s Car Radio podcast, he said:

It’s very quick. It’s very interesting, some people like the styling and some people don’t. One thing it does do, it changes your perception of–trucks have looked the same since what? 1930? It is basically a giant grille with some sort of aggressive thing in the front, you know? This doesn’t look like anything else you’ve ever seen before.

Jay Leno
Spike’s Car Radio podcast, Cybertruck talk starts at around 00:39:45

In the latest video, Elon Musk and Jay Leno show the world if the massive Tesla Cybertruck can also drive through The Boring Company’s 1.2-mile test tunnel that is built from the SpaceX headquarters to a nearby parking lot.

To keep the cost of the tunneling low, Elon Musk’s tunneling company limits the inner diameter of its tunnels to 12-foot, besides this test tunnel in LA, The Boring Company has recently completed excavation of the twin tunnels under the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Although the Tesla Cybertruck went smoothly through the tunnel Jay Leno didn’t accelerate it a lot, probably due to the reason that this is the only functional prototype that exists at the moment, let’s watch:

We were right in one of our previous reports on this show that Elon Musk was showcasing how strong the roof of the Cybertruck bed is when he climbed on it, he performed this stunt as an answer to Jay Leno’s question asking “how strong is that”.

During the tunnel drive, Elon Musk also revealed that the inner walls of The Boring Company tunnel are made up of steel-reinforced concrete, looks cool and is tough too, also in case of an earthquake, the underground tunnels are safer than the structures on the surface, Elon Musk explained this concept with the example of a submarine, the ships on the ocean’s surface bear more damage while the objects in depth are safer.

However, the 5% reduction in the Cybertruck size that Elon Musk is suggesting in the video above is no more the case, now the production version of the Cybertruck will be about the same size as the prototype, Elon Musk has confirmed.

Jay Leno uploaded the full length (9:57 min) video segment related to Tesla and Elon Musk on Twitter, very generous of him for his and Tesla fans as well.

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