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Latest Tesla update increases new Model 3 range, fully utilizing the new 82 kWh battery


Tesla unlocks the full range of the new 2021 Tesla Model 3 with its latest software update version 2020.48.12.1. Tesla started offering all the new Model 3 variants with range boost back in October, but the cars were showing the old ranges on the center display screen.

In the meantime, the owners of imported Tesla Model 3 cars in Germany found out that the new versions of the car had an 82 kWh battery pack instead of the usual ~74 kWh. This discovery was posted by a German Model 3 owner on a local Tesla forum when he took the following screenshot from his vehicle registration book.

Documented proof of the 2021 Tesla Model 3 having an 82 kWh battery pack. Source: Discussion on

So, the mystery of the boosted Tesla Model 3 range is solved. This has been possible due to Panasonic producing more energy-dense 2170 cells at its Gigafactory Nevada cell production plant.

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The 2020.48.12.1 release notes state the newly extended / unlocked range as:

Range Display

Your car will now display a slightly higher range to more accurately reflect the capacity of the battery.

Get the full release notes (2020.48.12.1) at

The North American reservation holders of the new and refreshed Tesla Model 3 have not been able to verify the larger battery pack because the European owners received their deliveries first.

Just yesterday I was talking to several new Model 3 reservation holders from the United States, mostly from California, they are all still waiting for their deliveries. Some are hoping their cars will be delivered after Christmas.

The biggest beneficiary of this range boost will be the owners of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD, as it got a staggering +30 miles of extended range in the new 2021 Model 3 version.

Besides this, Tesla is soon going to release the most exciting software update of the year, the feature-packed firmware version v11. Elon Musk had teased about this upcoming major software update last month, V11 is most probably going to start rolling out any day now. The best thing is all Tesla owners will be getting it without spending a dime.

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