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Tesa is expanding roads at Gigafactory Texas (videos)


It’s been a while since posted an update on Tesla’s next major car manufacturing plant, the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. There has been a significant amount of construction and development work done at this site.

In the most recent videos by local observers of Giga Texas, Tesla is now widening the existing roads and even expanding the roads near the entrance of the factory. This is currently being done to support the large amount of workforce that is coming and leaving the factory daily.

In addition to the existing workers, Tesla has a ton of Giga Texas jobs posted on the company’s careers web page. These jobs will even grow further as soon as the Cybertruck production lines are set up towards the end of this year. Tesla also plans to produce its Model Y SUV at the Gigafactory Texas location.

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“Over 10,000 people are needed for Giga Texas just through 2022, “Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet earlier this year. This shows how huge this factory will be when fully functional, this is the reason it’s sometimes referred to as the Terafactory — even bigger than a Gigafactory.

When the factory development was in earlier stages, Tesla had built some temporary roads to complete the preliminary stages of the construction process. Now it seems that Tesla is making some permanent roads and routes inside and out of the factory.

Tesla is expanding roads at the Gigafactory Texas (west side of general assembly a permanent road is being built). Credits: Terafactory Texas / YouTube (full video below).

As we can see in the aerial picture above that was taken on this past Saturday (26 June) — a two-way permanent road is being built on the west side of the general assembly area. The intersection at the northwest corner of Giga Texas is also getting widened with the clearing of the additional area.

Tesla is also laying drainage pipes on both sides of the southwest area roads of the factory (near the bridges, seen in the above video). Drainage installation work is also in progress, south of the parking lot area.

The underground stormwater detention system is almost completely covered now. This progress shows the seriousness of Tesla in making the factory functional as soon as they can, because they’re competing on the homeland of the pickup trucks and Ford has launched the F-150 lightning electric truck to give some tough time to the Cybertruck.

To motivate the Giga Texas workforce and monitor the construction progress personally, Elon Musk visited the factory back in April along with the Cybertruck prototype. Perhaps a message to Ford that Tesla and the Cybertruck are not much intimated by their move.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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