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SpaceX enthusiast designs a 1:110 scale LEGO Starship


A NASA/SpaceX enthusiast who goes by the name of 0rig0 on Reddit has designed a 1:110 scale Starship in LEGO. Being a LEGO designer is not an easy task. According to the designer, it took him around 10 months to design the LEGO Starship in all possible details.

The designer of this LEGO Starship intends to release complete instructions in December. He took to Reddit to post the pictures of the completed Starship put together using 3,022 LEGO blocks.

The LEGO designer posted the following details of the project:

Thanks for checking out my Lego Starship and Super Heavy! I’ll be posting the instructions in 1-2 weeks on Rebrickable so you can build it yourself:

I’ve added as many accurate details and features as I possibly could. The rocket is scaled perfectly in 1:110 scale (the same as the official Lego Saturn V set) and stands 109 cm tall and contains 3022 pieces. It’s a project 10 months in the making, with a few hundred hours of time spent to make it, I hope you enjoy it!

0rig0 via Reddit
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SpaceX Starship designed in LEGO (1:110 scale). Credit: 0rig0 / Reddit.

The most interesting thing about this Starship LEGO design is the attention to detail. Looking at the above pic, we can see that the engine setup at the bottom engine bay is the same as the real. There are 6 Raptore vacuum (RVac) engines in the outer circle, and 6 sea-level Raptor engines in the inner ring.

The real Starship (without booster) is 52 meters tall. The Super Heavy rocket is 72 meters tall. When stacked together, the total height of the Starship becomes 124 meters. Hopefully, this gives an idea of why LEGO Starship was made at 1:110 scale — in reality, Starship+Super Heavy is 13 meters taller than the mighty Saturn V (111 meters).

The black thermal protection system (TPS) heat tiles are also mimicked in great detail. These Starship heat tiles will help protect it from extreme temperatures on re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Designing the nosecone of the Starship was the most difficult task according to the designer, “The nosecone was one of the hardest parts to get right, the shape follows the exact outlines of the real Starship since I wanted to make sure it would look good even without the flaps for a potential HLS Starship in the future,” he posted on Reddit.

SpaceX Starship LEGO design. Credit: 0rig0 / Reddit.

The designer not only designed the Starship spaceship with LEGO blocks but he also added the Super Heavy rocket booster to make it full-stack as well. Just like the real stacking, the LEGO Starship can be stacked on the booster as well.

The full-stack LEGO Starship design (Starship + Super Heavy rocket booster). Credit: 0rig0 / Reddit.

Is the designer going to submit it to the Lego Ideas website for consideration by the company? “That was the original plan, but I took the decision to not post it to Lego Ideas for the simple reason that it’s unlikely that Lego would consider a rocket prototype to be a worthy set to sell. Since Lego doesn’t allow you to sell instructions if you post it on Ideas it meant that I had to choose between them, and I chose to share it with the community instead, since I know many here will appreciate it,” the designer stated.

“In the future, when we see the return to the Lunar surface with Starship, I’ll consider posting a variant to Lego Ideas,” he added.

Talking about the cost of the bricks, the creator said that he bought them for $320, so, someone doing a similar project using his upcoming instructions, the bricks would cost around $300 to $350.

The designer has posted some more awesome pics of the LEGO Starship on

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