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Tesla suspends Model Y Standard, reduces the price of Long-Range Model 3/Y variants


Tesla has gotten 1 step closer to achieving the milestone of $35k Tesla with the recent price drop in the Model 3 Standard Plus variant which is now priced at $36,990. Sadly, Tesla has discontinued the Model Y Standard Range variant, the price of which was also reduced by $1,000 for a few days, lucky customers have gotten the last ones at $39,990.

Tesla Model Y Standard Range discontinued, Long Range AWD price dropped. Source: Tesla online car configurator.
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Tesla has reduced the price of the Model Y Long Range AWD by $1k to $48,990. Model Y LR AWD is now the new base variant of this electric SUV.

Model 3 Long Range AWD has also received a price reduction of $1k, now the new price of this variant is $45,990.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and LR AWD gets a $1,000 price reduction. Source: Tesla online car configurator.

After the previous week’s price reduction in the basic versions of Model 3 and Model Y — Model Y base price went so close to the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Tesla might have felt cannibalization of the Model 3 and it became the reason for Model Y Standard’s removal from online ordering.

Lower profit margins might also have been the reason for the discontinuation of the Model Y Standard Range which was only launched last month. This was the only Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Model Y variant that Tesla had introduced for a short period of time.

Tesla has a history of canceling and then later on bringing back some variants. The Silicon Valley-based automaker or its vibrant CEO Elon Musk has not yet opened up about the reason for the Model Y Standard version’s discontinuation — but there is a chance that it will come back sometime in the near future.

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