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Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD and 3rd-row seats are here (specs, leaked pics)


Tesla has finally launched the most-awaited and most affordable Rear-Wheel Drive Tesla Model Y variant. Along with that, Tesla has also started taking orders for the 3rd-row 7 seat interior option (leaked pics below).

Model Y Standard Range RWD

Tesla Model Y RWD Standard Range is offered for $41,990 which is $8k lower than the Long Range AWD variant. It is only $4,000 more expensive than the Model 3 Standard Range Plus ($37,990).

Tesla online configurator showing Tesla Model Y Standard Range price and options.

With an estimated EPA range of 244 miles (393 km), Tesla Model Y RWD Standard Range is still better than most electric SUVs out there like the Audi e-tron and the Jaguar i-Pace.

However, Tesla Model 3 SR+ has an added 19 miles (~31 km) of extra range when compared to the Model Y SR RWD (263 vs. 244 miles respectively). Let’s compare some basic specs of both the base variants of the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 estimate the pros and cons of choosing either of the body types.

 Tesla Model Y Standard Range (RWD)Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (RWD)
Range244 miles (393 km)263 miles (423 km)
Top Speed135 mph (217 km/h)140 mph (225 km/h)
0-60 mph5.3s5.3s
Towing capacity3,500 lbs (1,588 kg)2,200 lbs (1,000 kg)*
Wheels19″Gemeni (included) /
20″ Induction ($2,000)
18″Aero (included) /
19″ Sport ($1,500)
Seating Capacity5 person / 7 person with 3rd-row option ($3,000)5 person
Cargo capacity (rear seats down)68 cu ft43.6 cu ft**
Table 1.0: Tesla Model Y Standard Range vs. Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus comparison. Data Source: Tesla Inc (TSLA). *Model 3 with Tow Hitch is only available in Europe. ** Source: CleanTechnica. Tesla Model Y super detailed specs at X Auto.
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Model Y Third-Row / 7 Seat Interior

Although the Model Y 3rd-row option is unlocked in Tesla’s configurator, the automaker did not share any images of the interior option. Model Y 3rd-row interior is available for an extra $3,000. Tesla car configurator lists the following options when the 3rd-row option is selected:

  • Third-row seating for two
  • Easy Entry into the third row
  • Third-row USB-C charging
  • Sliding second row with adjustable seatbacks
  • Fold-flat second and third rows for maximum cargo storage
  • Electronic fold-flat releases in the trunk

The delivery timeline displayed on the Tesla website for both the 5 and 7 seat interior options is 2-5 weeks. This indicates that the Tesla Fremont factory is fully ready to output some serious 7 seat interior Model Y numbers starting this quarter.

Rob Maurer of the Tesla Daily podcast received some leaked Tesla Model Y 7 seat interior photos from an unknown source and he shared them in the following video.

Tesla Model Y 3rd-row seat view from the front. Credits: Tesla Daily / YouTube.

Although Tesla & Elon Musk has always been saying that the 3rd-row can seat two persons but looking at the above photo, these are best suited for children or pets. The following photo shows reasonable cargo space even when the 3rd-row seat is still up.

Tesla Model Y cargo volume while the 3rd-row seat is up. Credits: Tesla Daily / YouTube.

Tesla has released an official photo of the 3rd-row Model Y seat via the company’s Twitter account.

Tesla Model Y 3rd-row 7 seat configuration. Source: Tesla (TSLA).

A couple of more photos can be seen in Rob’s video below that show the retractable headrests of the 3rd-row seats, 3rd and 2nd row folded down for cargo space, and the 2nd-row pushed forward for entry to the 3rd-row.

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