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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s roof is almost complete, watch the latest progress


Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s construction progress momentum has kept on for a while and we can now witness good results coming out of these efforts. Local Giga Berlin observer Tobias Lindh has marked the factory’s roof drawing with different colors to show how much progress has been made in this regard.

If we look at yesterday’s drone video of Giga Berlin (below), it is difficult to discern the areas which are fully completed and which ones have less or more work remaining. Tobias’ infographic lets us figure that out easily.

Tesla Giga Berlin roof completion progress infographic (last updated 27 Feb 2021). Credits: Tobias Lindh / Twitter.

The dark green patch shows the completed roof work, light green shows the roof sheets are there but completion work still needs to be done. As we can see above, the main factory building (left) has almost 85% roof work completed.

On the right side building square dark green area is the drive unit (motors) building. The blue rectangular patch on the far right is probably the warehouse, the foundation work on that area just started last Friday.

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Tesla is targeting production start at the Gigafactory Berlin later this year, starting with the Model Y electric SUV. This factory has already created space for 8 Tesla Giga Casting machines that will produce Model Y single-piece front and rear underbody castings.

With the locally produced Model Y, Tesla will give the German automakers even tougher competition on their home turf. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess already felt the tremors and joined Twitter in order to challenge Elon Musk’s social media influence strategy.

However, these developments will keep on going, let’s enjoy the beautiful Gigafactory Berlin drone timelapse footage from yesterday.

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