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Tesla FSD Beta gains confidence in the 8.2 update (2021.4.11.1) — watch day & night tests on a Model 3


One of the Tesla FSD beta testers and YouTuber James Locke just received the latest update of the Autopilot FSD Beta, build 8.2 version 2021.4.11.1. He has posted two videos (below) of him testing this latest update on his Tesla Model 3.

James tested FSD Beta 8.2 on the city streets both in day & night times. Of course, at night there is low traffic on the streets, so a daytime test was needed to see how this performs with other cars also occupying the roads.

In an answer to Tesla FSD reaching Level 5 autonomy this year, automaker’s CEO Elon Musk said that his personal Tesla Model S with the FSD Beta build 8.1 drives him around without interventions. Musk also expects the next version 9 to be a major improvement on the existing software.

FSD Beta V9 is expected to be launched next month and Tesla is planning to add more beta testers to the existing pool to feed more data points to the Tesla neural networks.

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FSD Beta 8.2 testing at night

Interestingly, FSD Beta is driving the car with much confidence this time, +5 mph over the speed limit might seem like a bug but it probably is not. The car took the left turns with good caution and precision but the speed bumps were not dealt with smoothly. Stop signs and traffic lights were flawlessly handled by FSD Beta 8.2.

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FSD Beta 8.2 testing in daylight


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