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Giga Texas production will start with Tesla Model Y, not the Cybertruck


Tesla’s Q2 2021 Earnings Report & Call emphasizes more on Model Y production and deliveries rather than the Cybertruck. Even the recent images of Gigafactory Texas shared by Tesla solely focus on the Model Y building construction and production facility progress.

This clearly means that the Tesla Cybertruck delivery timeline will be pushed even further into the next year. Tesla is pushing hard to start at least limited production of the Tesla Model Y compact electric SUV at both Giga Texas and Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg.

A Tesla Model Y body frame was spotted at the Gigafactory Texas during this past weekend and rumors started to spread that Tesla is just starting production at the Austin, TX car factory. But this frame and possibly some other ones are shipped there to calibrate the machinery and robots in the body and paint shops.

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A Tesla Model Y frame being lifted to the Giga Texas body shop. Credits: Jake Taylor / Facebook.

The images shared by Tesla in its Q2 2021 report show that the Model Y factory at Giga Texas is taking shape at a fast pace. The following photo compares the Giga Texas Model Y production facility construction progress from six months ago to present day.

Left: Giga Texas Model Y factory 6 months ago. Right: Construction progress at the end of Q2 2021. Credits: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Tesla Model Y body shop at Gigafactory Texas (pic from TSLA Q2 2021 report). Credits: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared an important piece of information regarding the Model Y production during the Q2 2021 Earnings Call. He said that the Model Y cars produced at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin will have both front and rear single-piece underbody castings while the ones made at Tesla Fremont, California factory will only have the rear underbody castings.

As soon as Tesla adds the structural battery pack and 4680 cells to the Model Y at these two new Gigafactories, the production cost of these cars will rapidly drop, resulting in even more profit in the future.

Tesla is prioritizing Model Y production over the Cybertruck because the automaker has tons of required large-scale manufacturing experience with the Model 3 and Model Y. And Tesla has yet to ramp up production of a large vehicle like the Cybertruck or Tesla Semi.

Since there is a prevailing global chip supply shortage situation in place, Tesla will take minimum risks with starting an entirely new production line like the Cybertruck. There are also some unknown factors in scaling Cybertruck production and since the demand for the Model Y is already there, going with the latter is what makes the most sense.

We might see limited production of the Cybertruck next year but volume production and deliveries of lower-end single motor variants might be pushed to even 2023.

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