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A massive number of Tesla Model 3/Y cars spotted unloading from trains in Switzerland


A massive delivery of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y has been spotted in a new video from Switzerland. Interestingly, these cars have been seen unloading from car trains, suggesting the high demand for smaller Teslas in the country.

In our last Tesla deliveries report from Europe, we saw a large number of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars being transported via trains in Sweden.

According to some Tesla enthusiasts from Switzerland, transporting cars via trains in the country is a norm. This car transport method saves public roads from congestion by large car carrier trailers. Even the tax policies encourage large goods transport by rail as trucks are heavily taxed in Switzerland.

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Looking at the video above, trains seem to be a more efficient way for transporting a large number of cars in a single go. Seeing these many Teslas in a single land shipment is a nice sight as well — putting the last nail in the coffin of the anti-Tesla short-seller narrative of #NoDemand.

The demand for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in Europe has grown significantly as most of these cars are built at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai factory at full speed then exported to Europe.

Automaker’s online car configurator shows Feb 2022 as the estimated date of delivery for the base Model 3 and Model Y variants.

Tesla’s European manufacturing plant Giga Berlin will start production with the higher-end Model Y Performance variant, Tesla estimates its delivery in early 2022. Production start at Giga Berlin, therefore, is most probably going to happen at the very end of this year or early next year.

In such a high demand period, using trains to deliver customer cars is a useful idea.

In North America however, Tesla uses a fleet of car carrier semi-truck trailers to deliver its cars to Tesla stores and to the ports for overseas shipments.

Tesla even experimented zero-emissions car deliveries using its electric Semi Truck prototypes in California until back in 2019. Tesla added a car carrier trailer to the Semi Truck for the purpose. This was a successful research operation where real customers received their cars via Tesla Semi at their doorsteps.

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