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Watch hundreds of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y transported on a train in Europe


The demand for Tesla electric vehicles has started to grow exponentially in Europe and the automaker is using all its might to supply the cars to its customers in the region. Several ships of Model 3 and Model Y Long Range variants have been sent from Gigafactory Shanghai to Europe since the last time we witnessed the massive shipment unloading in Norway.

Now an interesting new video clip has emerged from Sweden that shows a large number of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles being transported on a cargo train. Because the train is moving so fast, it’s impossible to count the numbers. But it is probably the biggest single land shipment of Tesla vehicles that we have ever witnessed.

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Transporting cars by trains is also a faster-unhindered route compared to using car carrier trailers through the road network. Trains are also able to ship a large number of vehicles in a single go, ending up in a faster delivery time.

However, some Tesla customers waiting for their deliveries are concerned about their cars getting rock chips and bugs using this mode of transportation.

Despite all the Tesla ships and trains trying to fulfill the ever-growing demand, the Tesla online configurator is showing Model 3 and Model Y delivery dates as early as November.

Currently, Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus delivery is estimated by November and the Long Range variants are going to be handed over to customers as early as December 2021.

For the Model Y Long Range AWD, if you book one today, Tesla estimates that this popular electric SUV will be delivered no earlier than December 2021.

This means that all the cars currently unloading at the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, or the Port of Oslo, Norway are already scheduled to be handed over to existing customers waiting in line.

Tesla and other brands electric vehicle sales graph from Jan to Sep 2021. Credits:

Only Norway, Spain, and Netherlands provide the daily vehicle registration data in the entire Europe. The graph above shows monthly sales of electric vehicles in 3 of these countries starting from Jan to Sep 27, 2021.

Although the graph shows the demand for all EVs has grown since the start of this year but Tesla sales graph has started to take the shape of an S-curve since July.

August 2021 was the last time Volkswagen EV sales crossed Tesla sales with 157 units more. But this month is an entirely new story, until now, Tesla has sold 17,800 units vs. Volkswagen’s 12,671. Tesla has already sold 5,129 more electric cars than the closest competitor Volkswagen and its 3 more days left to the end of September.

Graph: Tesla vehicle sales in Norway from Jan to Sep 27, 2021. Source:

The Tesla sales graph in Norway is also rising exponentially since the first Model Y shipment landed in the country last month. Tesla has sold 5,558 vehicles in September as of today compared to only 108 in January 2021. Most of the August and September sales are Model Y vehicles.

Besides the edge in software technology, Sentry Mode, next-gen infotainment & video games, and Autopilot (Advanced Driver Assistance System) — one of the strong reasons for Tesla sales is the electric range of the vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are at the top among European EVs when it comes to range. While Tesla competitors are still struggling with producing comparable range EVs.

When Giga Berlin starts production later this year and scales it by next year, these sales graphs will be even more interesting to look at.

Let’s watch how the US automaker is improving its supply chain in Europe using trains for delivering its vehicles to Tesla stores and showrooms.

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Video: Tesla moving a large shipment of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles by train in Sweden, Europe. Credits: Isaac Nilsson / Reddit (posted with written permission).

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