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Tesla Giga Berlin gets its first shots of futuristic graffiti art (pics, video)


“The Spice Must Flow,” says one of the Giga Berlin external wall’s giant graffiti art paintings. Tesla has started filling its Gigafactory Berlin’s walls with graffiti art as Elon Musk had promised almost 1 year ago.

With these first three pieces of art, we can easily see the direction it is going in, ultra-contemporary and futuristic — because this is what truly aligns with the image of a technology company like Tesla.

Tesla shared the images of these first three paintings via its official Twitter account on Friday last week. Later on, Elon Musk also retweeted the pictures as it was most probably his original idea.

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Tesla Giga Berlin graffiti art: A modern man standing under the bridge staring at the world. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla started the hunt for artists in the mid of last year and looks like they have found the ones who have matched their vision to showcase it in the form of art on Giga Berline walls.

This is just the beginning of this project as internal and external walls of Giga Berlin will be filled with graffiti, even the giant roof of the factory as well. The height of the Giga Berlin walls is 50 feet (15 m), so this project can also be called Giga Graffiti due to its sheer size.

Graffiti art on a wall of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin saying “The Spice Must Flow”. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

This other painting that shows a hand coming from under a bridge and holding a globe in its two fingers is also quite an amazing piece of graffiti art. We can also see “The Spice Must Flow,” written on the left under GIGA — It’s not yet clear what actually it is hinting to.

Giga Berlin local observer Tobias Lindh also recorded these new graffiti paintings on one of the the stair walls of the factory on Friday which we can see in his video below. These paintings look even more interesting from an aerial drone camera.

Tesla originally aimed to start Model Y production at Giga Berlin late last year but due to unexpected delays, it has not yet begun. The long queue of permits, the local bureaucracy, and the water usage issue have further delayed the production-start timeline.

However, Tesla has been granted permission to prepare ~2,000 test units and for a few weeks, the factory’s parking lot has been rushing with new Model Y electric SUVs. Tobias was able to spot 160 Model Ys in the Giga Berlin parking lot in his latest drone video.


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