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Gigafactory Berlin will be filled with graffiti art, says Elon Musk


According to his last tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now enjoying his Twitter holiday for a while. But before his temporary leave, he dropped an interesting bit about Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, “It will be filled with graffiti art,” he responded to his own drone video of the factory construction progress.

You can expect anything from Elon Musk‘s wildly imaginative mind. Looks like this idea is not too odd coming from the Meme Lord himself, who also happens to be the owner of — just awesome!

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Using my Photoshop ninjitsu I overlayed a graffiti photo above the roof of Gigafactory Berlin and it does look kind of cool. However, it is not clear from Elon Musk’s short tweet if the entire factory will be painted with graffiti art or just the selected portions of the huge manufacturing structure will be filled.

An illustration of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin roof filled with graffiti art. Image Sources: Tesla, Editing: Iqtidar Ali /

Usually, a large area of a Gigafactory roof is reserved for solar panels to absorb vast amounts of energy that the Sun provides us for free and without polluting our environment. The initial Gigafactory Berlin render posted by Tesla also shows a large number of solar panels on its roof. However, there are blank spaces on the roof as well, perfect for painting some Giga Graffiti art.

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Render (Model Y Factory). Source: Tesla Inc. (TSLA).

Snowfall at the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg has covered the entire factory roof and land for a while now. This has made the factory look whiter than ever. Tobias Lindh, a local Giga Berlin observer has covered this in his latest drone photos and video from this past weekend.

Tesla’s next US Gigafactory in Austin, Texas also received a rare snowfall around the Christmas days, captured in a drone video.

The giant Gigafactory Berlin roof in snow. Aerial photo as taken on 01-30-2021 by Tobias Lindh / YouTube (full video below).

The front part seen in the above picture is the roof of the casting area where 8 Tesla Giga Casting machines will be installed for producing Model Y single-piece rear and front underbody castings.

Tesla has been constantly hiring engineers and related staff for Giga Berlin. Just before last Christmas, the automaker posted an interesting video showcasing the future 4680 cell production at Giga Berlin asking engineers to apply for related jobs.

During the Tesla Q4 2020 Earnings Call, CEO Elon Musk said that Gigafactory Berlin will start producing Tesla Model Y SUVs later this year. Competition in the European electric vehicle market will stiffen after Giga Berlin becomes functional and the EV landscape will become more interesting.

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Drone video of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin shot on 01-30-2021 by Tobias Lindh.

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