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Tesla engineers possibly testing the Cybertruck for 4-wheel steering at the Fremont factory (drone video)


During a drone flyover of the Tesla Fremont car factory, a local observer and YouTuber spotted the Cybertruck on the test track. Interestingly, Tesla engineers were actively working on the non-conventional electric pickup truck.

Cybertruck was parked in an open space on the Fremont test track and some strange markings in light-blue color can be seen on the right side of the vehicle. The dashed markings are both in circles and straight lines.

The wheel wells of the Cybertruck prototype are also covered with a black sheet that is perhaps made of polythene as seen in the aerial shots.

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Tesla Cybertruck getting tested at the Fremont factory test track, notice the dashed lines drawn around the truck by the testing engineers. The circles might be representing a 4-wheel steering crab mode test. Credit: Met God In Wilderness / YouTube (full video below).

The way these lines are drawn in circles around the Cybertruck might mean that the truck is being prepared for the 4-wheel steering test. Last year in July, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the automaker is working on Cybertruck 4-wheel steerability, something like the crab mode in the Hummer EV.

And since Tesla is so much under pressure for starting the Cybertruck production this year, Tesla might at least have one prototype that is equipped with the 4-wheel steering.

Tesla engineers must be evaluating the performance of the sideways steerability of the Cybertruck with the new system. Tesla originally had no plans of offering 4-wheel steering at the time of the Cybertruck unveiling back in 2019. But later on, when GM showcased this feature for the Hummer EV pickup truck, Tesla decided to add it to the Dual and Tri-Motor variants.

Aerial side view of the Tesla Cybertruck as the Tesla engineers work on this electric pickup truck at the Fremont factory. Credit: Met God In Wilderness / YouTube.

Looks like the engineers were just going to test the turning angles of the Cybertruck wheels. But the drone filming this activity left just before it could record further activity at this spot.

As it was a nice sunny day in Fremont, California — we can witness the shining stainless steel body of the Cybertruck as light reflects at different angles. So far, Tesla does not seem to mind drone cameras flying over its Fremont factory and the engineers also were not bothered by its presence when working on the Cybertruck (video below).

Tesla Cybertruck prototype at the Fremont factory with strange markings on the track and black polythene bags attached to the wheel wells. Credit: Met God In Wilderness / YouTube.

The last time a Cybertruck prototype was spotted at Fremont was back in Dec 2021 when Tesla employees were driving and testing it on the factory’s test track.

And most recently, Tesla showcased the Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas for the visitors of the Year 2021 Earnings Call by Elon Musk. It is not clear if the prototypes spotted at Giga Texas and Fremont are the same vehicle or they are two different ones. Since the unveiling, there has been a clay model and a functioning prototype but it is unknown if there are multiple working prototypes.

However, this new testing parameter we see in the pics above and video below needs more explanation. If you have any knowledge in this regard, please post it in the comments section below.

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Video: Tesla Cybertruck prototype being tested at the company’s test track.

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