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Tesla is working on Cybertruck 4-wheel steering, the answer to Hummer EV’s crab mode


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed some tiny pieces of new information about the Cybertruck while answering a tweet asking about its production and deliveries timeline.

Elon being Elon, did not give an exact timeline, rather said, “We’re adding rear-wheel steering, so it can do tight turns & maneuver with high agility.”

This is some interesting new secret he has unveiled, adding the 4-wheel steering control to the list of already badass Cybertruck features will make it a true revolutionary American-made pickup truck.

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Actually, last year GMC released a Hummer EV teaser (video below) that shows a four-wheel steering capability of the fully electric pickup truck. GMC called this feature “crab mode”. Now Cybertruck being a direct competitor of the upcoming Hummer EV, it is sensible for Tesla to offer this feature to its customers to claim its fair share in the pickup truck market in the near future.


However, it is not clear at the moment if only the higher-end Tri-Motor Cybertuck will get this feature or the Dual-Motor variant will also incorporate all-wheel steering for high maneuverability. The lower-end Single-Motor RWD Cybertruck will most probably miss this feature to avoid costs and technical complexity.

Recently, Tesla applied for some Cybertruck patents revealing the EV pickup truck’s solar bed cover, newly designed UI, and a possible 600+ miles of range, some of the things Musk is referring to as “Lot of other great things coming,” in his tweet, we added above.

Tesla Cybertruck interior (yoke steering, screen, dash, center console, and front seats). Image courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

The yoke steering wheel design we see in the official Cybertruck interior photo above has successfully made it to customer cars with the recent launch of the Tesla Model S Plaid. It will be pretty interesting to see how the Yoke steering will turn all 4 wheels of the gigantic Cybertruck.

If Musk and his team are able to demonstrate the Cybertruck 4-wheel steering function before the Hummer EV (expected release fall 2021) — Tesla will steal the show once again.

Musk also revealed one piece of his work routine puzzle that he usually spends his Friday afternoons at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. This is the place where Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and his team have been exploring excellent Tesla designs for more than a decade now.

Cybertruck reservation holders and fans keep asking for the Cybertruck timeline because the enthusiasm and excitement around this polarizing and disruptive pickup truck are unrivaled by any other vehicle in recent history. However, during the Q4 2020 earnings call, Musk had already answered that the Cybertruck volume production will only happen in 2022 at Giga Texas.

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