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Tesla to release new energy consumption graph with useful insights and range tips in software update 2022.36


Tesla vehicle owners are about to get a new and redesigned energy graph in the upcoming software update version 2022.36. The new energy graph screen will also give Tesla users more helpful information in understanding the energy their cars consume on a regular basis.

The new energy consumption line chart in Tesla update 2022.36 is going to be more detailed and will also be able to make a better prediction of the estimated range remaining.

Tesla has added new insights for their customers to be able to understand which factors are affecting their energy consumption both positively and negatively.

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The display of energy consumption information on the center touchscreen of the vehicle in Tesla firmware update 2022.36 is broken into the following 5 factors:

  • Driving
  • Climate
  • Battery Conditioning
  • Elevation (e.g. uphill or downhill)
  • Everything Else

Tesla has included factors that affect the range of an electric vehicle to let drivers make informed decisions during their road trips and minimize energy consumption.

Tesla owner from Norway Anders Kverneng shared a couple of screenshots of this upcoming Tesla software update’s energy consumption screen.

Tesla energy consumption screen in software update version 2022.36. Credit: Anders Kverneng / Twitter.

If we look at the energy graph above from the firmware version 2022.36 (pre-release), Tesla has provided some useful analytics for the driver to comprehend what factors affected the most energy consumed. This information screen also includes how much energy (more or less) was consumed compared to the vehicle’s predicted range.

Earlier this year in May, Tesla pushed a software update (version 2022.16.0.2) that improved how the vehicle estimated energy consumption and range. Tesla included the predicted climate factors to weigh in on range prediction. Now, the elements of Battery Conditioning, Elevation, and Everything Else have been added too.

If we take the trip shown in the above tweet/screenshot as a test case. This trip consumed a total of 5.4% of battery which was 1.0% more than what the vehicle predicted before the trip.

Out of 5.4%, the major portion of 4.8% was consumed by driving alone, climate 0.2%, battery conditioning 0.0%, elevation 0.2%, and everything else drained 0.2% energy.

The right side of the screen showing Range Tips is interesting as well — educating the drivers on how they can consume less energy to drive more. Tesla energy screen in firmware 2022.36 above showed the following 3 tips for increasing range:

  • Staying below 110 km/h (~69 mph) would have saved you 0.1% since you last charged
  • Going uphill cost 1.5% since you last charged
  • Going downhill saved 1.3% since you last charged

According to software trackers by TeslaScope and, Tesla OTA update 2022.36 has not yet started rolling out to non-employee Tesla owners as of this writing.

As Tesla owners, please let us know in the comments section below that how useful this energy consumption graph and information breakup will help you increase your range.

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