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No, you cannot play video games on the rear screen of the new Tesla Model S and Model X refresh yet


When Tesla started teasing the new Model S and Model X (both Dual Motor and Plaid variants) early last year, the design-refresh interior of these high-end vehicles showed a small screen for the rear passengers.

Interestingly, the promotional images of the design refresh Model S/X interior showed the rear passenger infotainment screen with video games running on it.

Fast-forward more than a year since Tesla started the new Model S deliveries in June 2021, the video games are still missing for the rear passenger screen.

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Press photo of a design refresh Tesla Model S (2021 onwards) interior shows a video game running on the smaller rear screen. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Although being able to play video games on the rear passenger seat with a centrally mounted 8-inch screen is neither practical nor needed, it’s a luxury-segment car with a starting price of $104,990 (Tesla Model S). So, the customers buying this car for a hefty amount of money, have actually started complaining.

In a Reddit thread, which was basically discussing unlocking the full potential of the Tesla Model S/X PS5-level gaming power, the playability of games on the rear screen somehow came into the limelight.

Rear entertainment screen of the new Model S and Model X refresh (Beach Buggy video game shown in promotional photos but no games are available to play on the rear screen yet). Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

When some owners contacted Tesla for this missing feature, they were told by the automaker’s officials that rear-screen video games will come in a future over-the-air software update. But the time of this specific update is not yet clear and Elon Musk also hasn’t confirmed anything on this matter in an official tweet.

The rear screen of a Model S or Model X is currently only used for climate control, music, and theatre mode (video streaming like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.)

Some Tesla Model S and Model X owners think that video games running on the rear screen can help their kids kill time during a long journey. Others think the position of this screen down between the front seats is awkward and is not practical for playing games for long hours.

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However, for an overall gaming experience, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told some great news for the gamers last month, the Steam games platform and store is coming to Tesla vehicles. Musk said that we’re moving closer to the integration, this was an update to a tweet he posted in February that Tesla is working on Steam integration.

Tell us what you think of video games on the rear screen of the Tesla Model S/X in the comments section below.

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When will Tesla learn they’re not being truthful in the advertisement of their vehicles. When I purchased my Tesla S Plaid and X Plaid, we expected games in the back seat because it was advertised that way. Tesla has a bad habit of telling you after the fact that what they really meant was, one day in the future. Near or far is tbd.

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