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Watch the Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event live-stream recording here


Tesla has changed the actual time for the Model S Plaid delivery event live-stream from 7 PM Pacific to 8:15 PM Pacific time (PDT).

We will be posting live updates from our Tesla friends currently attending the event at the Fremont factory. These updates will keep coming until the presentation starts.

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Range remains the same, no 4680 cells yet. Deliveries begin now.

My co-author Johanna Crider got a look at the VIP stand.

Hopefully, Elon Musk is getting ready for this historic presentation and showing the world what the “only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid” truly means. It is strongly expected there will be a demonstration of the Plaid 0-60 mph in just 1.99s at the Fremont factory test track which has been specially prepared for today’s event.

Actually, some attendees have already spotted Model S Plaid launches at the track this evening, like the one video below.

An aerial view of the Plaid delivery event’s stage via the drone camera of @WhatsupFranks.

Interesting updates about Tesla Tequila, Plaid delivery cars seem to have one inside them for free as one of our friends at the event took the following picture.

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It is also expected that Tesla will introduce the Deep Crimson (a Tesla specific dark red) and new exterior color options at this event.

Interestingly, Tesla increased the Model S Plaid price by $10k yesterday which hints at some surprises are waiting for us at this event. Stay tuned, we will be posting updates soon after the presentation.

Until the presentation starts, we can watch some interesting chats from our favorite Tesla podcast “Tesla Daily”.

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