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Watch how a Tesla Model Y faces road rage at the hands of a pickup truck in China


A Tesla Model Y was on its way on a Chinese highway when a large pickup truck driver decided to block it. As soon as the Tesla Model Y driver attempted to find a way ahead, the pickup truck wouldn’t let him go.

When all of this was happening, someone in a following vehicle or Tesla captured this scene. This road rage episode by the pickup truck kept on going for more than a minute (footage below).

Disliking and jealousy toward Tesla and electric vehicles are not limited to the United States only, now we can witness this phenomenon in China too.

This Tesla road rage incident happened in Xiamen in Fujian Province, China. The pickup driver did not realize that this was a very unsafe act that could have been proven dangerous for the surrounding vehicles as well.

The acceleration of a base Tesla Model Y (0-60 in 4.8 seconds) is good enough to leave any ICE pickup truck behind in the dust. But this Model Y driver was cautious in the beginning but at last, had to floor the accelerator pedal to get out of the situation.


Back in the US, Tesla owners face this sort of behavior from time to time not realizing that Teslas are among the most American-made cars that you can buy.

Supercharger blocking by heavy pickup trucks started trending back in 2019 — a thing called ICE-ing by the Tesla & EV Community.

Until the awareness of Tesla Sentry Mode spread in the last couple of years, vandalism against Tesla vehicles was on the rise. Now a lot of these potential haters know that they will be video-captured by the vehicle during the act, so this type of activity has been low-key.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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