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Tesla owners with a safety score of 80 should get the invitation to download FSD Beta, confirms Elon Musk


The latest and most refined version of Tesla FSD Beta started rolling out to users in the United States and Canada yesterday (test videos below).

Tesla has made 2 major moves with the release of FSD Beta, #1: expanding the user base to 160K owners in North America, and #2: lowering the requirement of the Safety Score criteria to 80.

Now Tesla owners who have a Safety Score of 80 and above will get an invitation to download and test FSD Beta via their vehicle’s center display.

Tesla already has around ~100K customers enrolled in the FSD Beta testing program in the US & Canada. With the update, the number of beta testers will extend to another ~60K Tesla owners.

In a follow-up tweet to the above, Elon Musk affirmed that anyone with a safety score of 80 and above with 100+ miles of driving will automatically get the FSD Beta download invitation on their screens.


Another tiny change that Elon Musk confirmed will be made to the turn signal mechanism is the timing when it is triggered. Currently, the turn signal on FSD Beta triggers during the the switch to the turning lane but it should start the turn signals before merging into the turning lane. Musk ok’d on this suggestion to a FSD Beta tester on Twitter.

Now, until the Tesla AI Day 2022 happens at the end of this month, there are not going to be any FSD Beta version releases. Just after the AI Day, Tesla will rollout the next FSD Beta version i.e. 10.69.3.

Tesla vehicle center touchscreen showing Full Self-Driving Beta option turned ON. To activate go to Controls > Autopilt > toggle Full Self-Driving (Beta). Screenshot credit: Dirty Tesla / YouTube (video below).

Testing FSD Beta (videos)

Tesla owner and YouTuber Dirty Tesla took his Model Y for a test drive as soon as he received FSD Beta v10.69.2.2 yesterday. Like the previous version, this update is also pretty cautious around pedestrians and vulnerable road users (VRUs).

In a road construction zone, FSD Beta saw an opening between the barriers that it was just going to attempt drive in but the human driver took over to stop it from this action. Lets watch how it did in some busy streets of Michigan in the following video.


Unprotected left turns (UPLs) have been a major challenge for Tesla FSD Beta and the automaker has put more energy and resources in mastering UPL scenarios especially in FSD Beta V10.

Another beta tester experimented a UPL in Arcadia, CA during the rush hour on Autopilot FSD Beta and was impressed with the improvements in this scenario.

Famous FSD Beta tester Chuck Cook also evaluated version yesterday and he also felt the improvements in UPLs.

But in another video (below), he tested a forward-facing UPL multiple times and in one instance, Autopilot got confused. Instead of turning to the projected path towards the left, the steering started turning towards right, this is when Chuck took over and disengaged FSD Beta to avoid any dangerous situation.

FSD Beta testers should always be alert and ready to take over immediately as the software is in beta and Tesla requires the driver to be alert at all times for maximum safety measures.

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Video: Chuck Cook tests FSD Beta on forward-facing unprotected left turns.



By Iqtidar Ali

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4 replies on “Tesla owners with a safety score of 80 should get the invitation to download FSD Beta, confirms Elon Musk”

Hi there, I have a safety score of 88 and I was not notified to download. Is there anything I can do to request? I’ve been waiting for 1.5 years!

Thanks so much!

Correction. The previous update failed to install. I connected the car’s WIFI to my phone and successfully installed the update. Still nothing. Then I rebooted the car and it searched for updates and automatically, found & installed 10.69.2, but not easily. It stalled at about 40% (went to 0 mb/s downloading) for about 45 minutes until resuming and finishing the download. It asked to install the update and I confirmed.

Took it for a test drive (about 2 miles) and told it to drive me home. It did so like it was trying to win the Daytona 500. Cool, but spine-tingling. 🙂

Thanks for the quick response, and I hope my post helps your subs.


Still waiting. Still no beta. Safety score still 98.

Too bad random ramblings from Elon becomes “news” and then his sycophants rush to “confirm” it.

Reality is if you are in production firmware that is ahead of 10.69 you will NOT get Beta until V11 when the stacks converge and Beta catches up with release.

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