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PepsiCo plans to put 100 Tesla Semi trucks operational in 2023, Frito-Lay Tesla Semi spotted accelerating like a car


PepsiCo received the first deliveries of its Tesla Semi trucks earlier this month. Now, the multinational beverage company reveals that it plans to make 100 Tesla Semi trucks operational in 2023, Reuters reported.

PepsiCo’s VP of Supply Chain Service & Distribution, Mike O’Connell said that the company is not just buying the Tesla Semi class-8 logistics trucks but also setting up Megacharger stations at its factory locations.

Since PepsiCo is only using these trucks in California as of now, Mike told Reuters that these charging stations are now being built at its Modesto and Sacramento facilities. PepsiCo is installing four 750-kilowatt charging stalls at each of these locations.

Tesla Semi trucks in Pepsi and Frito-Lay branding at the delivery event on 1st December 2022 at Gigafactory Nevada. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Frito-Lay which is a PepsiCo subsidiary is using the Tesla Semi truck to deliver its products to superstores such as Walmart, Albertsons, and Kroger. Tesla delivered two Tesa Semi trucks with the Pepsi and Frito-Lay branding on the delivery day. Both of these trucks are getting spotted on public roads doing sprints between Sacramento and Modesto, California (videos below).

Video: Frito-Lay’s Tesla Semi truck spotted in Modesto, California — accelerating like a car while its trailer is attached.

As we can see in the video above, the acceleration of Frito-Lay’s Tesla Semi is impressive running beside a Tesla Model S. With the trailer attached (not sure if it is filled or empty), it is able to accelerate just like a Tesla car would on a highway. A Tri-Motor powertrain and a massive battery pack are behind the impressive acceleration of the Tesa Semi.

Mike O’Connell also shared range and charging information which is particularly interesting. For the 425-mile (684-km) trip between the factories, the Tesla Semi utilizes around 80% of its battery capacity. According to Mike, the truck then is recharged to around full in just 35 – 45 minutes.

To build these 750-kilowatt DC fast charging Megacharger stations, Tesla provided PepsiCo with the design and engineering support while the company used its own resources to build them at its departure and arrival locations.

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PepsiCo intends to station 15 Tesla Semi trucks at its Modesto, CA facility and 21 at its Sacramento location in 2023. However, the company did not disclose where it plans to use the rest of the 64 Tesla Semis it expects to get deliveries next year.

Tesla (TSLA) is producing its electric Semi trucks at its Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. Tesla is holding two key information pieces a secret from the public and did not reveal on the delivery day as well — one is the battery capacity, and the other is the load capacity of the trailer that it can pull while keeping the range intact.
Video: PepsiCo Tesla Semi truck zipping around town in Sacramento, California around the company’s factory. The trailer has a big banner that says Zero Emissions. Credit: u/Tutrifor via Reddit.



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