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Tesla FSD Beta v11.3.2 (2022.45.11) wide release starts rolling out, watch the initial tests


As Elon Musk promised earlier last week that FSD Beta v11 will start going wide release this weekend, the promise has materialized. FSD Beta v11.3.2 (firmware version 2022.45.11) started rolling out late Saturday night / early Sunday.

The previous version v11.3.1 (2022.45.10) was released only to a limited number of external beta testers who have been testing the system for a long time. Most of these are YouTubers who provide quality assessment, visual, and voice feedback details of how Autopilot is actually behaving in real traffic situations.

Some of the early testers like Chuck Cook who are at the top of the Autopilot software release chain got v11.3.2 first. Chuck has even released the first impressions video which he recorded on Sunday at his iconic testing loop — the Memorial Park (watch below). Chuck experiences some interesting unprotected left and right turns and more.

According to the stats gathered by Tesla software tracking websites and, as of this writing, 201 and 128 Tesla owners have received the FSD Beta v11.3.2 (2022.45.11) update respectively.


According to one beta tester Dave Mac, the amount of Autopilot training data Tesla is collecting has suddenly jumped more than twice since he started testing FSD Beta v11.3.2. He shared the following graph on Twitter that shows the exponential data collection spike.

Release Notes Change in FSD Beta v11.3.2 (2022.45.11)

FSD Beta v11.3.2 (2022.45.11) has the same release notes as v11.3 that were leaked last month from internal testers. Except for the following addition which explains the improvement to the Blind Spot Camera functionality when Autopilot is engaged.

Adjusted position of Automatic Blind Spot Camera when FSD Beta is active to prioritize the Autopilot Visualization. Drag the camera to save custom positions.

The Blind Spot Camera feed actually takes the space above the FSD Beta visualizations, therefore Tesla decided to optimize its position.

Tweet: Comparing FSD Beta 11.3 vs. 11.3.2 Release Notes.
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First Impressions Videos

There are multiple beta testers with a substantial following on YouTube who have posted their first impressions videos on FSD Beta v11.3.2.

Chuck Cook

Chuck Cook posted a 27:52-minute-long video of the latest version of FSD Beta. Looking at this test, Tesla seems to have improved marginally on the unprotected left and right turns but Autopilot is struggling a bit on roundabouts.

The car came to a stop at two roundabouts when it should not have in the absence of traffic. Perhaps Autopilot stopped for an oncoming car on the other side, which in reality had no chance of a collision, let’s watch.

Video: Chuck Cook tests FSD Beta v11.3.2 for the first time.

Black Tesla

YouTuber and Tesla Model S Plaid owner Black Tesla think that v11.3.1 was the best FSD Beta build he had ever tested.

During his test FSD Beta 11.3.2 test, his Tesla Model S stopped at an intersection and the yoke steering movement showed that the car is confused taking this left turn. So, this was something that he did not like, and as a viewer, this scenario looked a bit unsafe as well. According to Black, the car undertook this turn better than the previous version i.e. 11.3.1.

On City Streets, Black Tesla felt that Tesla has regressed some behaviors in certain scenarios as the car was hesitant at some turns. Let’s watch his test.

Video: First impressions of FSD Beta v11.3.2 by Black Tesla.

Dan Burkland

Dan has also been testing FSD Beta v11.3.2 since this Sunday and has recorded a few tests on the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota. He wrote the following views on 11.3.2 in his video description:

This video contains footage recorded on the afternoon of March 19th, 2023 of FSD Beta 11.3.2 driving me through St. Paul to an awesome brunch joint called Colossal!

While a few minor issues were encountered along the way, FSD did a great job recovering from them except for one where the system appeared to experience a fault & require me to take over.

For the most part FSD Beta v11.3.2 continues to build on the increased confidence many testers (including myself) experienced with v11.3.1 which is a really positive sign.

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