FAA grants SpaceX license for Starship’s 2nd orbital launch



SpaceX has successfully overcome the last hurdle standing in the way of the 2nd Starship orbital flight test. The company’s CEO Elon Musk hinted on Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license should come in time for a Friday 17th November Starship launch.

During the past several weeks, the FAA had been hesitant to give SpaceX a license for performing the Starship orbital flight test #2. Since September, SpaceX has been reporting that Starship 25 and Super Heavy Booster 9 are ready for the 2nd launch and only need a green light from the FAA.

But today (15th November), the FAA awarded the final license for the Starship launch. Finally, the entire SpaceX leadership and team can now solely focus on the Starship flight without worrying about regulatory approvals and hindrances.

The FAA Starship launch approval document states the following to briefly describe the license and its limitations:

Space Exploration Technologies, Corp. (SpaceX) is authorized, subject to the provisions of 51 U.S.C. Subtitle V, chapter 509, and the orders, rules, and Technologies, regulations issued under it, to conduct launches of the Corp. Starship-Super Heavy vehicle.

This license is granted subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations set forth in licensing orders A and B, and any subsequent orders or other written stipulations, issued by the Office of Commercial Space Transportation, which are hereby incorporated by reference.

The Licensee shall at all times conduct its operations in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Office of Commercial Space Transportation for the activities authorized by the license.

US Department of Transportation / Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) / License No. VOL 23Ͳ129 Rev. 1.
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Screenshot of the Starship FAA License for the 2nd orbital flight test launch scheduled for 17th November 2023 with alternative backup dates.
Screenshot of the Starship FAA License for the 2nd orbital flight test launch scheduled for 17th November 2023 with alternative backup dates. Source: The FAA / License No. VOL 23Ͳ129 Rev. 1. (PDF below).

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The FAA’s Starship licensing delays caused concern among the SpaceX community and a petition was launched to yesterday by my Tesla owner friend and follower from Austin Texas, Gail Alfar. She reached out to me as well to sign the petition to grant SpaceX the license for Starship launch #2. And I did sign it — of course.

The FAA also posted an announcement on granting a license to SpaceX for its 2nd Starship launch attempt on X (Twitter). “The FAA has given license authorization for the second launch of the SpaceX Starship Super Heavy vehicle. The FAA determined SpaceX met all safety, environmental, policy, and financial responsibility requirements,” the FAA stated.

SpaceX has finalized the Starship-Super Heavy preparations to launch the spaceship into space on 17th November. If for some reason, the Starship flight is scrubbed on the 17th, it will be conducted in the next couple of days as the conditions become perfect for a launch.

“Targeting Friday, November 17 for Starship’s second flight test. A two-hour launch window opens at 7:00 a.m. CT,” SpaceX posted an update for the launch on X (Twitter).

A distant view of SpaceX's Starbase orbital launch site at Boca Chica, Texas. Fully stacked Starship, the tank farm, and a separate Starship prototype are visible in the picture.
A distant view of SpaceX’s Starbase orbital launch site at Boca Chica, Texas. Fully stacked Starship, the tank farm, and a separate Starship prototype are visible in the picture. Credit: SpaceX via X (Twitter).
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