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These guys drove their Tesla Model 3 into the water canal (video)


A Tesla Model 3 is seen stuck in a water channel that looks like a river canal, the direction its facing is against the water flow and when the video is shot, the car seems to have reached the end of the canal.

Moments later a guy gets out of the Model 3 (thanks there was still room for opening the door), a few moments later another guy comes out of the car as well, the good news that their lives are saved but the car might be totaled from this incident.

I have tried to communicate with the video poster (@everything_tesla_pr0 on Instagram) but did not get a reply yet if he had more information or footage about this event.
Credits: everything_tesla_pr0 / Instagram

The location of this happening is suspected to be somewhere in the Netherlands if we look at the license plate closely, it very much matches a Dutch number plate.

Looking at the video above makes us think what in the world this driver was thinking when he jumped into a water channel, the speed of the water flow looks pretty dangerous for the occupants and most probably they have lost the warranty on this Model 3 battery pack and drive units as a result of a possible misadventure.

A similar event took place in China last year when the owner of a Tesla Model S drove his car down into the river while trying to park at a Supercharger station, later on, the couple was seen taking selfies standing on the glass roof their half-submerged Model S.

Funny comments on this video on Instagram included an old Elon Musk statement that a Tesla can float like a boat for a brief period of time, thrust via rotating wheels but these guys seem to have taken the wrong meaning of it, just like the Model X driver who drove through the floodwaters in South Dakota las year.

Let us know your thoughts on what might have happened here in the comments section below.

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