Tesla Model S and Model X owners can switch the on-screen media player position with a single tap (video)



Tesla (TSLA) keeps improving car features and the screen interface via over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

One simple and exciting feature is the dual arrow icon on the bottom right of the Tesla Model S and Model X screens. With a single tap, this icon helps switch the on-screen media player’s horizontal position.

This dual arrow sign acts as a toggle switch. Tap once, the media player slides to the right, tap again and it moves back to the left (default).

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This dual arrow button switches the media player position to left or right on the Tesla Model S or Model X display screen.
This dual arrow button switches the media player position to left or right on the Tesla Model S or Model X display screen (video demo below). Credit: @Alandbru / Twitter.

Navigation maps are at the base layer or the backdrop of a Tesla screen. Everything else is displayed above the maps and the media player is no exception.

This feature is not available on Tesla Model Y and Model 3 screens. Perhaps, due to the smaller size of the screens on these entry-level Teslas. The software team did not find enough screen real estate to accommodate this UI function.

Video demonstration of the media player position switch button on the Tesla Model S and Model X screen UI. Credit: @Alandbru / Twitter.
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Video: Tesla’s official tutorial also demonstrates the screen toggle feature for Model S/X.


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