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China: Tesla Model 3 glass roof is tough enough to endure even a rollover

Shanghai, China — a Tesla Model 3 was involved in a rollover accident but thankfully the occupants were safe from getting any major injury. Yan Chang, a Tesla and EV enthusiast from the city took pictures of the vehicle after the incident which he posted on Twitter.

Tesla Model 3 has the lowest probability of injury of any car that NHTSA has ever tested and it looks like the Made-in-China Tesla Model 3 cars have not compromised on safety one bit, the accident seen in the above photos is living proof of Tesla’s safety standards maintained no matter where the vehicle was manufactured.

Ray, who is another active Tesla community member from China posted a brief video of the crashed car online which shows how intact the roof of the Tesla Model 3 was after this incident, we can see in the pics and photos that the side curtain airbags also deployed successfully.

Tesla Model 3 has a very low center of gravity because of the heavy battery pack spanning across the vehicle floor, the puzzle remains to be solved on what circumstances lead to this rollover event.

One Twitter user explained the toughness of the Model 3 roof with a good example of a turtle flipped over on his shell, although the glass used in Tesla Model Y, 3, S, and X roofs is not as tough as the one that’s going to be in the Cybertruck it’s still good enough for taking this kind of beating.

The glass used in Tesla vehicles is a proprietary technology that Tesla has developed in-house by a team of engineers Elon Musk once praised as ‘phenomenal’ and the results are in front of us.

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We purchased a model Y and picked it up in San Francisco with our ten year old grandson who we took with us as he is a Complete Tesla fan and knows way more about the car than we do!
He didn’t know we were picking up a car but loved helping me navigate it home. We love it! I was scared to drive it but it is easy and fantastic! Thank you!

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