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Tesla Semi spotted loaded with Model Y and Model 3 cars leaving for deliveries

The red Tesla Semi prototype is spotted at the Tesla Fremont factory with the car carrier trailer attached and loaded with Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles leaving for deliveries to their owners.

These deliveries are most probably destined for California residents as we saw a bunch of super excited Tesla owners getting their cars delivered via the Tesla Semi Truck last year.

This move might have been the results of constraints that Tesla is experiencing with their trucking and logistics partners due to the COVID-19 situation as the Tesla CEO expressed this in his tweets from a couple of days ago, at least the Tesla Semis can deliver vehicles within California and can do it efficiently.

This move can provide some of the Tesla customers with early deliveries as in the current situation Tesla is forced to push delivery dates forward.

Twitter user @emanueIreyes went to the Tesla Fremont factory to get the delivery of her Tesla Model Y and saw the Tesla Semi Truck loading up cars for deliveries and she posted some of the photos online.

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Tesla Semi Truck delivering cars in the Bay Area, seen by u/TheUnawareJersey from the Tesla Subreddit.
Red Tesla Semi Truck carrying Tesla cars to deliver them to the customers, a red Model S visible on the back (Photo by u/Westy543)

Last year Tesla President of Automotive and VP of Trucks and Programs Jerome Guillen surprised the entire automotive industry executives when he posted a picture of the Tesla Semi Truck with a car carrier trailer attached and a Tesla Model X on top of it with the signature falcon-wing doors opened, executives and engineers from Daimler, Harley Davidson were super impressed with the idea and now it is practically being implemented by the Silicon Valley automaker.

Amid the crisis of the automotive sector due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Tesla seems to be the only company thriving as of now, the Model Y SUV order backlog is growing each day in North America and is expected to go through the roof once the COVID-19 situation is settled.


By Iqtidar Ali

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