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Tesla Fremont factory drone video shows the Model Y Giga Casting machines & Roadrunner ‘Magic Cube’


The latest drone footage of the Tesla Fremont car manufacturing plant shows speedy developments ahead of this month’s mega-event, the Tesla Battery Day.

The drone this time was able to closely capture the new giant diecast machines aka Gigacast and Tesla’s secret Roadrunner Project building known as the ‘magic cube’ in the Tesla Community.

The Giga Casting Machines

Fig 1: Tesla Fremont factory drone video shows the giant casting machines (Giga Casting) possibly already producing Model Y rear underbody single piece castings (tap/click to load high-res version).
Credits: Gabeincal / YouTube, illustrated by Iqtidar /

I took the above screengrab out of the drone video (below) to highlight the Giga Casting machines. Besides the semi-trailer parking, two giant diecast machines can be seen, one of them which is seen with a roof is most probably already functional.

The car parts seen laying outside the machine-1 are highly likey a stack of Tesla Model Y rear underbody single-piece castings. Up until now, Tesla Model SUVs built at the automaker’s Fremont factory had a 2-piece rear underbody mega casting.

Giga press Machine-2 as seen in Fig 1 above does not seem to be working right now. These images suggest that Tesla might already be producing the Model Y rear underbody single-piece castings.

Last week, in an interview on his visit to the Gigafactory Berlin, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Model Ys built at this factory will mark a radical shift in how cars are built today. The giant casting machines we see at the Fremont factory above are just the beginning of that change.

Fig 2: Eight giant casting machines are shown in the Gigafactory Berlin factory plan diagram. Credits: Tobias Lindh / Twitter.

One of the floor diagrams of the Gigafactory Berlin (Fig 2) shows eight huge casting machines. Most probably Elon Musk was referring to these as the next revolution in automotive manufacturing and he plans to open up about this on the Battery Day on the 22nd of this month.

He has already tweeted at the time of this writing that “Many exciting things will be unveiled on Battery Day 9/22”.

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The Roadrunner ‘Magic Cube’

Fig 3: Tesla Kato Road facility now has the Roadrunner ‘Magic Cube’ building clearly visible(tap/click to load high-res version). Credits: Gabeincal / YouTube.

Tesla Roadrunner is a super-secret battery research project at the Silicon Valley-based automaker. But rumor has it that this new building rising from the Fremont factory will be housing the next-gen Tesla battery production.

Although the batteries produced at this relatively small building will be limited in numbers. But the limited-production cars like the Next-gen Tesla Roadster, Model S, and Model X Plaid variants can benefit from the latest and greatest in Tesla battery tech.

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Fremont Factory Drone Video


By Iqtidar Ali

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