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Tesla secures Giga Berlin paint shop permit, Musk sleeps at the factory


Tesla (TSLA) receives a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, and Climate Protection (MLUK) to start the paint shop installation at its Gigafactory Berlin. Elon Musk also reached Berlin earlier this week to receive the prestigious Axel Springer award by himself.

To monitor the progress of the factory construction closely, Musk even spent the night at the factory and slept inside a conference room of the unfinished plant. He revealed this at the Axel Springer award ceremony talking to Mathias Döpfner.

Full video of the Axel Springer Award 2020 below.
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According to Elon Musk’s previous comments on Twitter, the paint shop at Giga Berlin will be the most advanced and unique in the world of automotive engineering.

By looking at the Giga Berlin latest photos, we can see the banner of Geico Taikisha outside the factory’s under construction paint shop. Geico is the world’s best company in developing large-scale paint shops for automotive factories and has decades of design & engineering experience in this field, thus the perfect choice for the task by Tesla.

MLUK announced the latest permit acquired by Tesla for the paint shop in an online press release, the Land Brandenburg website states (auto-translated by Google):

Tesla receives early start approval to install a paint shop

Potsdam – In its latest decision, the State Office for the Environment allowed Tesla to install the paint shop in the planned vehicle plant. This is done on the basis of an early start approval according to Section 8a of the Federal Immission Control Act and is carried out at the developer’s own risk. The paint shop should primarily use water and solvents sparingly.

The examination of the application submitted at the end of August was extensive and detailed because it concerns the operating unit in the water protection area, in which chemicals are handled. Therefore, all containers must either be double-walled or set up in a sufficiently large collection area.

The construction of the plant takes place in the existing structures. Since no new areas are used, no further requirements for nature conservation are required. Due to the current pandemic situation, an exception to the ban on night work is permitted so that the work can be carried out in compliance with the distance and hygiene requirements. This had to be taken into account when determining the requirements for noise protection.

Land Brandenburg / MLUK

In our last month’s report on Tesla securing approvals for Giga Berlin foundry and the Giga Press area, we busted FUD surrounding the automaker’s ability to get the permits from the local government.

The only restriction this permit puts on Tesla is to use the water resources as efficiently as possible in developing the paint shop. Earlier this year, Elon Musk emphasized that Tesla will use as little water as possible at Gigafactory Berlin, and sustainability and betterment of the environment will be given priority.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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