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Gigafactory Berlin construction keeps progressing despite the FUD


The Berlin, Brandenburg Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, and Climate Protection (MLUK) busted all the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD in short) with just a press release stating Tesla has got the permit to further continue the construction work at Giga Berlin.

An infamous EV blog was spreading FUD about Giga Berlin not being able to get further permits from the local government and this will result in construction delays. The website also claimed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has to now personally get involved to resolve the situation, which was never true.

Within a day, MLUK announced that Tesla Gigafactory Berlin has received the permit to build supporting structures and roofs of the Giga Press and the foundry areas. The auto-translation of the MLUK press-release states the following:

State Office for the Environment has approved construction work in the area of ​​the foundry and the pressing plant for the Tesla factory after testing

Potsdam – The company Tesla is allowed to erect supporting structures for roofs and exterior walls in the area of ​​the foundry and the press shop. The State Office for the Environment has approved the early start of the measure. This admission was possible because the scope of the examination was not very large.

This approval of Tesla‘s 7th application for an early start – purely arithmetically – practically closes the gap between the 4th and 5th approval and was necessary because Tesla in the meantime decided not to erect pile foundations in the area of ​​the foundry. These supporting structures for the roof and outer walls in the area of ​​the foundry and press shop will be erected on the already approved and now existing foundations. Since these measures do not involve any additional use of land and no further environmental impact, a decision on this application could be made at short notice.

The 6th application for approval of early start for the paint shop and further clearing of forest is being processed. During this extensive examination, the knowledge gained by the authorities during the public hearing is also taken into account.

Source: Land Brandenburg / MLUK / Dated: 11/10/2020, press-release link.
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Latest Giga Berlin Progress

The Giga Berlin construction progress is actually moving full speed ahead. When we last saw the Giga Press shop last month, only the footings of the giant press machines were completed. Now in the latest pictures and videos (below), we can witness a bridge crane already being installed in this area.

First Giga Press bridge crane at the Gigafactory Berlin at the press shop. Source: Tobias Lindh / YouTube, editing: Iqtidar / TeslaOracle.

This is the Giga Berlin area where the next-gen Tesla Model Y single-piece front and rear castings will be made and integrated with the new structural battery and 4680 cells to revolutionize how cars are manufactured.

As discussed in the permit press-release above by the Brandenburg government, the roof work for the press shop and walls and other support structures for the foundry is already given go ahead. Tesla has already filed for further permits which are most likely to get approved after usual procedures and evaluations.

A detailed aerial view of the factory’s construction progress was recorded in a time-lapse video by the local Giga Berlin observer Tobias Lindh which he shows us in the following video.

Gigafactory Berlin construction progress as of 11/11/2020.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk flew to Germany last week in order to conduct new engineer interviews personally. The 25 guns he wants to employ for Giga Berlin will accelerate and further smoothen out the hurdles faced in the factory’s development.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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