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It’s time for Tesla Model 3 snow drifting in Track Mode (videos)


“Hey kids, it’s winter in the great white North — you know what that means eh? Track Mode!”, says my good old friend Ian Pavelko before he starts enjoying snow drifting in his Tesla Model 3 Performance aka MAGNETO.

I have posted this short video clip on YouTube and it’s fun to watch it in a loop. The way MAGNETO performs donuts on the snowy surface is soothing to watch.

Tesla Track Mode lifts off stability and traction control restrictions from the car, this enables the driver to float free from the clutches of the on-board computer. However, these maneuvers are not recommended for inexperienced drivers for safety reasons.

Who needs a toboggan, if you have a Performance Model 3.

Ian Pavelko aka Mad Hungarian
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Ian also took his Model 3 Performance for snow rally at night and wrote a worth reading story about his journey.

Another Tesla Model 3 Performance owner took his car for snow drifting but in the French Alps, Italy. This is some amazing footage of his journey through the alps on a cold winter night, sliding his car in Track Mode through a closed road.

As we can witness in the videos above and below, the electric Tesla Model 3 keeps its balance fairly well on the snow, thanks to its perfect 50/50 front/rear weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

According to the owner Sebastian Vittel in the next video, he has never driven such a car in snowy conditions. “The Model 3 is Fast, easy, secure, and fun on the snow,” he says.

With each passing day, the next big Tesla holiday season software update (V11) is nearing, and according to Elon Musk, it has features that you did not know you needed. It would just be perfect to get some new fun features to spend the winters and holiday season camping in Tesla cars, let’s see what comes out of Tesla’s software vault.

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