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Tesla Model Y body frames spotted at the Gigafactory Berlin construction site


A few Tesla Model Y bodies have been spotted in the latest drone footage of the under-construction Giga Berlin site.

Multiple local observers in their drone videos have spotted 4 car bodies being placed at the Giga Berlin storage area. Looking at the screengrabs from these videos confirm that these are not complete cars but only Tesla Model Y frames imported from Fremont. Looks like testing and calibrating the machinery for Model Y production start next year is really getting close.

Just recently Tesla secured the permit to complete the next-gen Giga Berlin paint shop, these Model Y shells might also become useful for paint shop testing soon.

Tesla Model Y body shells at the Gigafactory Berlin (closeup aerial photo). Credits: Tobias Lindh / Twitter.

In the above aerial closeup photo, we can see that all the glass roofs, windows, and frunk covers are missing under the covers. More comments in this photo spotting thread confirm that these are actually Tesla Model Y body shells only.

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The empty Model Y shells can be seen in the following drone video by Tobias Lindh’s, I have positioned the video start timer to when the drone reaches the storage area and the covered frames are visible.

Tesla Model Y shells spotted at Giga Berline site.

Besides the rapid construction development work at Giga Berlin, now Tesla has got the approval for clearing more of the forestation area. In another video that labels each area as the drone flies over them, shows that Tesla has already started ground preparation for the newly cleared land.

The most interesting thing to watch for at Giga Berlin in the near future would be witnessing the Giga Casting machines producing the front and rear Model Y single-piece underbody diecasts. The thing that is going to revolutionize how cars are made, as once said by Tesla CEO & Visionary Sir Elon Reeve Musk.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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