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The UK gets another Model 3 shipment, owners report zero quality issues with Chinese Teslas


Tesla’s end-of-quarter push has started for Q1 2021 and a car carrier trailer has been spotted in the UK with RHD Tesla Model 3 cars on a route away from the port (M6 highway). A dedicated Twitter account that reports Tesla UK activities (@TeslaInTheUK) posted the following photo with the new Tesla Model 3s on their way to Tesla delivery centers in the country.

Other UK-based Tesla enthusiasts have also said that they have seen car transporters carrying Model 3 cars into the country. In addition to the UK, reports are coming from Sweden as well that the Model 3s are getting transported from a European port to the rest of Europe.

Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium is the main destination where European Teslas are shipped and then distributed all over Europe. The first known vehicle transport vessel that shipped Tesla Model 3 electric cars to Europe had reached the Port of Zeebrugge back in Feb 2019.

Made-in-China Model 3 built quality

Now since the Model 3 Standard Range Plus and Long Range AWD versions are imported from China (Giga Shanghai) to the UK and Europe, I thought I should further investigate quality matters related to the MIC Model 3.

So I logged in to the Tesla Owners Club UK and interviewed Mathew Thomas about the quality issues he is facing with his Made-In-China (MIC) Model 3. He has just received his Model 3 Long Range AWD last week, “I can’t find a single issue with it, not a single paint mark, panels are all aligned perfectly,” Mathew told me.

Other owners in Europe also have the same review about the Chinese Model 3, the quality is flawless, better than the early cars received from the USA (produced at Tesla Fremont factory).

Mathew’s black MIC Tesla Model 3 Long Range, parked in front of a solar energy park in the UK. Credits: Mathew Thomas / Tesla Owners Club UK / Facebook.

However Mathew had one complaint which is not related to quality issues but a small cleanliness issue faced at the time of delivery, “the only issue I had was the filthy footwear, the delivery driver had left dirt on the footwell for me to clean up,” he said.

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Tesla has not yet launched the Model Y electric SUV in Europe, as it is waiting for the Gigafactory Berlin to start production. Tesla’s online Model Y configurator for Germany says “production is expected to start in mid-2021”. If this timeline is met, the competition for German-made electric cars and compact SUVs will further stiffen.

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