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Q1 2021 push: Tesla Model S refresh cars spotted leaving the Fremont factory


Like always, Tesla (TSLA) is going to push the hardest for end-of-quarter production and sales push. Since there are fewer than 2 weeks to score as many numbers as possible, Tesla seems to have planned the 2021 Model S deliveries earlier than expected.

One of the trailers full of Model S refresh cars was seen leaving the Tesla Fremont car factory by one of our Twitter followers Mark yesterday. There could have been the Plaid and Plaid+ variants on these trailers but since all the badging on these cars is missing, there is no sure way to tell the difference by just looking at the vehicles.

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Although one of the Model S seen in Mark’s photos has the 21″ Arachnid Wheels on it, they are also optional on the Model S Long Range base variant (for $4,500), not specific to the higher Plaid or Plaid+ trims.

No Yoke yet!

2021 Tesla Model S leaving Fremont factory with the regular steering wheel. Credits: Mark / Twitter.

Interestingly, Mark was not able to see the Tesla’s advertised Yoke steering wheel on any of these Model S refresh cars. As we can see in the above pic, the regular or round steering wheel is installed in these Model S refresh.

But this does not suggest the Yoke steering is not going to make it to production. Just late last month, a Tesla Model S refresh prototype was spotted with the Yoke steering wheel. This specific prototype was seen not too far from the automaker’s Fremont car factory which suggests the company was testing the innovative steering wheel on public roads.

NHTSA is currently evaluating the Yoke steering and it might be a while before we will be able to get the government body’s official take on this. This might also be the reason Tesla is probably thinking of delivering 2021 Model S refresh cars with the regular steering wheel.

Because of its polarizing design, some potential Tesla customers want to buy the regular old round steering wheel — but some early adopters are more than excited to get their hands on the Yoke steering.

Last month, the following short video clip of the Model S refresh interior was leaked from the Tesla Fremont car manufacturing plant which showed the car in Factory Mode. This specific Model S refresh also had the regular steering wheel.

Tesla is most probably going to give its customers the option to choose from the regular or Yoke steering — but the online configurator still does not reflect this change.

With the Q1 push in place, the UK and Europe are also getting their fair share of Tesla Model 3 shipments as of now. If a significant number of Model S/X refresh also make it to customers before this month’s end, they will have a good contribution to the Tesla Q1 2021 balance sheet.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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