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Tesla rolls out the most awaited “Request FSD Beta” button feature (Safety Score, release notes, more)


After months and months of wait and delays, Tesla has finally released their most anticipated feature of this year, the “Request Full Self-Driving Beta” button. Tesla has started to roll out this feature with over-the-air software update version 2021.32.22.

Tesla owners in the United States with the 2021.32.22 software update can now place an opt-in request to join the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta program using this button. The following release notes show you how to get to this button and request FSD Beta for your Tesla car.

You can now request early access to Full Self-Driving Beta pending eligibility. To get started, tap ‘Controls’ > ‘Autopilot’ > ‘Request Full Self-Driving Beta’ and follow the instructions.

Tesla firmware version 2021.32.22 release notes.
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“Request Full Self-Driving Beta” on a Tesla vehicle’s center touchscreen. Credits: Early of Frunkpuppy (@28delayslater) / Twitter.

However, there is a catch, Tesla has now added a new “Safety Score” tab in the mobile app and most probably in the vehicle nav as well. This new option tells you how safe a driver you have been. The safety score driving behavior data can be seen for every trip and for daily use (screenshots below).

You can learn more about how Tesla Safety Score is calculated on Tesla’s official support page.

Safety Score tab in Tesla mobile app. Credits:
Safety Score screenshot from the Tesla mobile app. Credits: @cybrtrkguy / Twitter.

So, as soon as you press the Request FSD Beta button, Tesla starts to calculate your safety score based on the metrics shown in the above screenshot from the Tesla mobile app. The basic criteria are Forward Collision Warnings, Hard Braking, Aggressive Turning, Unsafe Following, Forced Autopilot Disengagements.

Only after analyzing the Safety Score of a specific vehicle, Tesla will enroll it in the Full Self-Driving Beta program. Despite the button is now available to a wide range of Tesla owners, Tesla states that this is still a “limited early access program”.

After pressing the “Request Full Self-Driving Beta” button, the following message appears on the screen:

Thank you for your interest in limited early access Full Self-Driving Beta!

The Tesla team is analyzing your vehicle driving data and Safety Score to determine eligibility. You can view your Safety Score from the Tesla app at any time (version 4.1.0 or newer). If eligible, you will receive a software update as part of the limited early access.

Tesla message and terms of use after pressing the Request Full Self-Driving Beta button. Credits: @28delayslater / Twitter.

Tesla also asks owners to agree to the following terms when signing up for the FSD Beta program:

  • I consent to the collection and review of ongoing VIN-associated vehicle driving data while enrolled.
  • I understand that when using FSD Beta, I am responsible for remaining alert with my hands on the wheel, and must be prepared to take action at any time. FSD Beta does not make my car autonomous.
  • I understand that FSD Beta can be revoked at any time.

Hundreds and probably thousands of Tesla owners are currently trying to enroll themselves in this early access FSD Beta program, let’s see what percent of these requests Tesla actually entertains. Stay tuned and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Video demonstration of enrolling into the FSD Beta program using the button.

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