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Here’s some Tesla Cybertruck eye candy and updates from Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo


It was inevitable that the Cybertruck would not be present at Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo. Not one but two prototypes of the Cybertruck were seen by the visitors inside the factory (perhaps, the other one was a clay model).

However, Tesla only brought one to the stage when Elon Musk was giving his talk — driven by none other than the company’s popular Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen himself. Before Musk’s live-streamed presentation, several Cyber Rodeo guests witnessed the Cybertruck firsthand.

The rumors and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) which was circulating the internet sphere just before the Rodeo was also debunked by Tesla’s Elon Musk at this event. He confirmed that the Cybertruck production will surely start next year (2023).

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Tesla Cybertruck approaching the Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo stage where Elon Musk is giving his remarks. Credit: Whole Mars Blog / Twitter.

It’s been a few years since Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck back in 2019. Tesla needs to start the production of this all-electric and futuristic pickup truck soon because they have a backlog of more than 1 million pre-orders of the Cybertruck to be fulfilled.

It’s worth it, it’s well worth the wait, it’s gonna be awesome!

Franz von Holzhausen talking aboout the Cybertruck at Cyber Rodeo
Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen (left), Tesla CEO Elon Musk (right), Cybertruck behind both of them at Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla has just finished completing the Model Y factory at Giga Texas and it will require another round of huge engineering effort and funding to set up the Cybertruck factory.

The Cybertruck tooling and production lines will be very much different compared to Tesla’s other vehicles as it is made of 30X cold-rolled stainless steel. The entire underbody of the Cybertruck will be a single-piece casting for which an Italian engineering company named IDRA is developing 8000-ton Giga Press machines.

Other hurdles in production start include the addition of new features to the Cybertruck like the 4-wheel steering crab mode, no door handles, no rain wipers, etc.

Cybertruck moments captured at Cyber Rodeo by photographer Arash Malek (Minimal Duck).
Side view of the Tesla Cybertruck on display at Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo. Notice that there are no door handles on the present. Credit: Dirty Tesla / Twitter.

Tesla has successfully removed the door handles from the Cybertruck prototype and Elon Musk explicitly showed this new feature during his keynote address at the Cyber Rodeo event.

“I think this will be a magnum opus (a great work), I mean you can see some of the changes we’ve made already, there are no handles, who needs handles. The car can tell that you’re there and it just knows that it needs to open,” Musk explained the feature.

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Video: Tesla’s official promo of Giga Texas featuring Model Y and the Cybertruck.

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