Elon Musk boosts the morale of Tesla employees in a company-wide email



Leaked emails of Elon Musk addressing Tesla employees have been making some headlines this month. The latest of which is a positive one showing Musk’s admiration towards the hard work and dedication of people working at Tesla.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk took a hard step to put an end to remote work at Tesla to boost efficiency and people’s presence at the automaker’s offices worldwide. In another email, Musk stated that it’s time to lay off around 10% of the salaried Tesla employees as the company has been overstaffed.

However, this new email is encouraging for the employees as the company’s CEO and Techno King recognizes their efforts towards the mission of sustainable energy and transportation.

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Interestingly, in his email, Musk threw a slight jab at the Wall Street -Tesla (TSLA short-sellers and his long time adversary and iconic investor Warrent Buffet. “I have infinitely more respect and admiration for you than the richest person on Wall St.,” he stated in the email — the richest investor on Wall Street ever is Warren Buffet of course.

Heré’s Elon Musk’s email in its entirety where Elon Musk is praising his employees for the fantastic work they are doing and creating a better future for the future generations:

We actually build great, real products that people love and make their lives and the world better. That is so profound!

It is an honest day’s work that you can feel in your heart. Whatever else is going on in this messed-up world, know that at least what you are doing is pure goodness and that I have infinitely more respect and admiration for you than the richest person on Wall St.

Elon Musk to everyone at Tesla.

Elon Musk even added a Two Hearts emoji before adding his signature at the end of the email (see screenshot tweet below).

This email was released on Twitter by Telsa (TSLA) retail investor, analyst, and YouTuber Dave Lee.

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As one of the most successful CEOs of today’s business world, Elon Musk has set many examples but appreciating and praising his workforce publicly is also one of them. Just last month as Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai was coming back to production, “I have so much respect for the Tesla Shanghai team,” he tweeted.

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