After Australia and New Zealand, Tesla Enhanced Autopilot is coming back to the US and Canada



Tesla started offering selected Full Self-Driving features in another lower-cost package called Enhanced Autopilot to Australia and New Zealand customers last week. Upon the strong request of the Tesla Community members, Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed to bring Enhanced Autopilot back to the United States and Canada. Europe already has it for a while (detailed discussion and video below).

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot was first introduced as a feature-limited advanced driver’s assistance (ADAS) package back in 2016, it was also called EAP in short at the time. After the launch of the Tesla Model 3, the automaker offered EAP separately from the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package. This created a long debate and confusion on the pricing structure at the time.

However, Enhanced Autopilot was a base Autopilot package in 2017 that Tesla offered for $5,000 — and if you wanted FSD, you would pay another $3,000 for the upgrade.

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Video: Animated demonstration of the Navigate on Autopilot feature, now part of the Enhanced Autopilot feature.

Fast-forward 5 years and we have Enhanced Autopilot back, first introduced in the Australian and New Zealand markets and now Musk has agreed to bring it to other markets but he did not give a timeline as to when it will start rolling out.

Tesla is offering Enhanced Autopilot in Australia for $5,100 AUD and the Full Self-Driving package for $10,100 AUD. While in New Zealand the pricing is set as $5,700 NZD for Enhanced Autopilot and $11,400 for FSD.

Following is the list of features that Tesla has added to the Enhanced Autopilot package:

  • Navigate on Autopilot
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Autopark
  • Summon
  • Smart Summon

Tesla has kept the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control plus the Autosteer on City Streets (currently in FSD Beta) features for the Full Self-Driving suite.

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Tesla Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features compared.
Tesla Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features compared. Source: Tesla online car configurator (Australia).

Enhanced Autopilot in Europe

Tesla has set the price of Enhanced Autopilot as €3,800 in Europe, and the Full Self-Driving package as €7,500.

Enhanced Autopilot has been available in Europe for quite a while now but it has not been a success because of the UNECE regulations. But when it comes to the United States in the coming days or weeks, Tesla will have more freedom to roll out features in the home country with fewer regulatory issues.

I asked my Tesla friend in Belgium, Steven Peeters about his feedback on the Enhanced Autopilot package that he has bought with his new Model Y electric SUV. He has been reviewing and posting his thoughts on Tesla Autopilot in Europe on his YouTube channel for the past few years now.

This is what Steven said to me about his thoughts on questions about Enhanced Autopilot and other features in Europe.

Auto exit taking has just been disabled. Unconfirmed lane change has never worked, but might get approved by UNECE this week (video below). So the car suggests lane change, but you have to initiate them. As of 2022.16 update, also the auto exit needs to be initiated by the driver.

I bought it, mainly because of the lange change capability. With basic AP, you constantly have to turn it off and on again when passing into another lane. All those nagging sounds all the time are very annoying.

The removal of the auto exit taking is actually not really the UNECE, but industry and local governments that demanded a more strict intepretation of the UNECE regulations.

Steven Peeters via Twitter (private interview)
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Steven also recently talked in detail about the new Dynamic Control Assistance Systems (DCAS) regulations that the UNECE is working on. These new regulations could pave the way for easier implementation of Tesla Full Self-Driving in Europe but the lobby of legacy local automakers is very strong in this region.

The UNECE is currently drafting a completely new set of regulations for advanced semi-autonomous driving that could allow Tesla FSD beta to be rolled out in Europe. However, at the moment there is very little information publicly available and the information that is available has a lot of open gaps and questions.

Nevertheless, these new regulations open the door for FSD beta and will also ease the transition to L3 and L4 autonomous driving as basically only the driver monitoring part would have to be removed. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. They are still in a very early draft and knowing the UNECE, it will take a very long time before it will actually be approved.

Steven Peeters via YouTube.

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Video: New UNECE DCAS regulations could allow for FSD in Europe.


Iqtidar Ali
Iqtidar Ali
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