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This is how the rear fascia of the Tesla Model 3 Project Highland could look like (artist renders)


As soon as the world thought that Tesla’s entry-level EV i.e. Tesla Model 3 has lost its charm, the automaker pulled a bunch of tricks from its bag.

Enthusiasm and anticipation around Tesla Model 3 are building once again after the 2016-2017 era — as a new design refresh is in works codenamed Project Highland.

Because Tesla is hiding the exterior and interior details of the Project Highland Model 3 during the prototype testing phase, adding to the hype around the car.

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Last month, the front fascia of the Project Highland Tesla Model 3 was revealed in a spy photo taken in the wild.

Yesterday, we also reported on some interior elements and functions of the next-gen Tesla Model 3 that were revealed through drone footage.

But several elements including the rear-end design changes are still a mystery. And the Tesla Community is trying to figure out what they could be.

In this quest, a couple of artists used their imagination to guess the design of the Model 3 refresh rear lights, spoiler, and bumper. In the following spy photos, we can see a small part of the brake light and the reverse light that still leaves a lot to the imagination.

Looks like Tesla is integrating the brake lights of the next-gen Model 3 into the rear bumper. The reverse indication lights are currently a part of the main rear lighting setup installed into the trunk lid.

Reverse light of a Tesla Model 3 refresh (Project Highland) revealed during testing. Credit: u/fearminion via Reddit. Click/Tap images to zoom in.
Project Highland Tesla Model 3 refresh spotted with a part of the rear brake light exposed during testing. Credit: The Kilowatts / Twitter.
Artist’s imagination of a Project Highland Tesla Model 3 rear fascia (render). Credit: @Cybrtrk420 / Twitter.

An artist put together his imagination of the rear-end design of the Tesla Model 3 refresh in the above computer rendering. Since the reverse lights have now shifted to the bumper, a slim and minimalistic brake light makes more sense. The majority of Tesla enthusiasts have shown a liking for this design across social media channels.


Inspired by the above rendering, another Tesla enthusiast designed the entire side profile of the Model 3 Highland. Looking at the front and the possible rear (above & below), this is the most significant design change a Tesla vehicle has ever received in the company’s history. If Tesla puts the next-gen Roadster into production, the crown will be won by it.

Render of an artist’s imagination of the Project Highland Tesla Model 3 refresh (rear and side profile design). Credit: @Alwinart / Twitter.

Let us know what you think of these artist renders of the design-refreshed Tesla Model 3 Project Highland in the comments section below.

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