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Edmunds impressed as Tesla Model Y Performance aces every track test (video)


Edmunds have owned a Tesla Model Y Performance with the Performance Upgrade Package (PUP) for the last three months or so but haven’t been able to produce a video review of it because of the COVID-19 situation and their test track been closed due to the shelter-in-place orders.

Now finally they are able to take their Model Y Performance to the race track and attached the data acquisition hardware to it in order to know the weight, braking distance, cornering & maneuverability, acceleration, and speed of this compact electric SUV.

Weight & Weight Distribution

Edmunds found out that the total weight of the Tesla Model Y Performance with PUP is 4,419 lbs (2,004 kg) with the weight distribution of 49.7% at the front and 50.3% on the rear — this is very close to the curb weight found on the Model Y specs of 4,416 lbs (2,003 kg).

Even without the heavy battery pack spanning the vehicle floor, the competing gas-guzzling BMW X3 M (4,620 lbs) and the Mercedes GLC 63 AMG (4,431 lbs) are heavier than the Model Y Performance.

Braking Tests

The Edmunds testing team performed repeated emergency braking tests bringing the vehicle to a complete stop from 60 mph (95.5 km/h) — the best stopping distance was 108 feet and upon repeated braking tests the average distance just increased to 109 feet.

Minimum nose-dive, no brake overheating, great grip of the tires, and overall stability of the braking system showed satisfactory results.

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Handling On The Race Track

Edmunds evaluated the handling abilities of the Tesla Model Y Performance on the skidpad (a 200 m diameter circle that the driver has to drive around as quickly as possible in both directions while holding a constant radius) — the Model Y Performance scored a 0.95 g on the skidpad test, just a little short of the high-performance sports cars that pull a 1.0 – 1.1 g in lateral grip.

This is also the highest lateral grip score from a Tesla that Edmunds has ever tested. Meaning that the Tesla Model Y Performance has some serious cornering and maneuverability power, packed inside a crossover SUV body type, amazing achievement by Tesla engineering, design, and software teams.

Acceleration & 1/4-mile Tests

Activating the Tesla Model Y or Model 3 in Sport Mode and flooring the accelerator paddle launches these cars, it’s that simple and your head instantly sticking to the headrest as a result of the g-force, this feeling never gets old.

Edmunds tested the Model Y for 0-60 mph from a stand-still in the first test and in the second with a 1-foot rollout, the results were 3.7 secs and 3.4 secs respectively, not bad at all for an EV that has been basically designed as a family SUV.

Model Y finished the 1/4 mile in 11.8 secs @ 115.6 mph — not lagging a bit by SUV standards, kudos Model Y Performance for that super-fast performance on the dragstrip.

Even after repeated launches, the Tesla Model Y Performance did not lose its flare, probably the heat pump and other engineering tweaks just came in handy in cracking out repeat performance from the Model Y.

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