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New pillars and footings constructed at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin (pics, videos)


Here we are with another Gigafactory Berlin update as Tesla’s next gigantic manufacturing plant shows signs of good progress in the right direction, the automaker’s original goal has been to start Tesla Model Y production at this facility anytime next year.

Just a few days ago Tobias Lindh who regularly covers the Gigafactory Berlin site personally using his drone camera, posting videos and updating with the latest updates on his Twitter account, shared the following video of the site that shows newly constructed columns and footings are in place while the cranes and trucks and other machinery can be seen being constantly busy with their jobs.

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In our last update from May, we saw that the ground was just getting marked and the first pile drivers were just installed, looking at the progress above in less than 2 months is just amazing — Tesla China has set a benchmark for speedy factory construction with the 10-month buildout and production start at the Gigafactory Shanghai, the Tesla Community is looking forward to a comparable pace from the Tesla team in Germany.

Currently, the Tesla Giga Berlin construction work is carried out Monday to Saturday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM while China built an entire apartment building for the workforce on-site and the work schedule spanned 24/7.

A dedicated concrete mixing plant at the Giga Berlin site is also underway as it will be needed ‘a lot’ through the construction lifecycle of the car manufacturing plant.

It’s not difficult to imagine the sheer size of the Gigafactory Berlin when we see the following diagram of the paint shop that alone will stand upon 250 pillars, the factory itself is going to be an amazing feat of engineering.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin: Paint Shop construction diagram (250 pillars). Credits: Tobias Lindh

The pillars we see in the drone video above are pretty massive themselves, as reportedly each pillar is 25 meters long and weighs ~50 tons — these columns are delivered to the Gigafactory Berlin site by train, we can have an idea of the size of these pillars laying on the train bogie beds in the following video by another local Giga Berlin fan.

More recent camera and drone photos from today and yesterday show that the work is progressing simultaneously on multiple buildings with tarmac being laid out on the concrete mixing plant’s ground and more and more concrete prepared to complete the groundwork for the drive-unit building.

Before the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin starts production, Tesla has already sent a few Model Y SUVs to Europe for testing purposes, this will smooth out the localization process as soon as Giga Berlin starts customer deliveries.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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