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Tesla Model Y and Ford Mach-E spotted charging side-by-side — specs comparison


Ford R&D Center, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada — the competing electric SUVs Tesla Model Y and Ford Mach-E have been spotted charging side-by-side, the photos were taken by the Model Y owner Simon Wong.

He took a couple of photos from the rear, this angle gives us an idea of the size comparison of both vehicles from a visual standpoint (specs comparison table below) — since Mach-E in these photos is a prototype vehicle, it looks a bit unfinished like Tesla prototypes have been in the past, even the charge port cover had adhesive tape on it to hold the cover while it is closed.

Tesla Model Y and Ford Mache-E Prototype charging side-by-side in Waterloo, Canada. (Source: Simon Wong / Twitter).
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Definitely, the Tesla Model Y looks wider and taller than the Mach-E and should be much roomier inside for the occupants, that’s the reason Tesla plans to release a 3rd-row configuration next year. Let’s see how do both compare on paper in terms of exterior dimensions, range, and other specs available for the Mach-E at the moment.

According to Simon, Level 3 charging is currently free for all EVs at the Ford R&D Waterloo site, a good step forward by Ford.

Tesla Model Y vs. Ford Mustang Mach-E Specs Comparison

Table 1.1: Exterior Dimensions

OptionsTesla Model YFord Mustang Mach-E
Length187.0 in (4,750 mm)186.0 in (4,724 mm)
Width (with mirrors)83.8 in (2,218 mm)74.0 in (1,880 mm)
Height64.0 in (1,624 mm)63.0 in (1,600 mm)
Wheelbase113.8 in (2,890 mm)117.0 in (2,972 mm )
Curb Weight4,416 lbs (2,003 kg)4,394 lb (1,993 kg)

Table 1.2: Interior Dimensions

OptionsPerformance & Long Range AWDFord Mustang Mach-E
Head Room Front41.0 in (1,041 mm)40.4 in (1,028 mm)
Head Room Rear39.4 in (1,001 mm)39.2 in (997 mm)
Leg Room Front41.8 in (1,063 mm)41.6 in (1,059 mm)
Leg Room Rear40.5 in (1,029 mm)38.1 in (968 mm)
Shoulder Room Front56.4 in (1,432 mm)57.6 in (1,464 mm)
Shoulder Room Rear54.0 in (1,373 mm)55.8 in (1,419 mm)
Hip Room Front53.8 in (1,367 mm)55.3 in (1,406 mm)
Hip Room Rear50.6 in (1,286 mm)53.2 in (1,353 mm)
Cargo Volume68 cu. ft. (Total enclosed cargo volume)59.6 cu. ft.
Data Sources: Tesla Inc., Ford Motor Company. Explore Tesla Model Y super detailed specs on X Auto.

Interestingly, despite being smaller in exterior dimensions, the Ford Mach-E has very comparable interior room specifications, it’s just about the same amount roomier compared to the Model Y, — the hip room in both front and rear seats is significantly better in the Mach-E.

Table 2.1: Range (EPA Est.)

Tesla Model Y is currently only offered in two variants i.e. Long Range AWD and the Performance AWD while Ford has committed to bringing at least 5 variants of the Mach-E to the market which are Select, Premium, First Edition, California Route1, and GT (Performance) but the Mach-E has two different battery packs 75.7 kWh one is for the Select and Premium Standard Range(SR) models and the 98.8 kWh is for the Premium Extended Range and upper trims (Ford says the ranges stated on their spec sheet are EPA targeted).

Vehicle ModelsRange
Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD316 miles
Ford Mach-E Select RWD230 miles
Ford Mach-E Select AWD210 miles
Ford Mach-E Premium RWD230 miles
Ford Mach-E Premium AWD210 miles
Ford Mach-E Premium RWD with 98.8 kWh battery pack300 miles
Ford Mach-E Premium AWD with 98.8 kWh battery pack270 miles
Ford Mach-E Premium First Edition AWD270 miles
Ford Mach-E California Route 1 AWD300 miles
Tesla Model Y Performance AWD315 miles
Tesla Model Y Performance AWD with PUP280 miles
Ford Mustang Mach-E GT (98.8 kWh pack)235 miles

As always, Tesla won in the energy efficiency department, lacking in software skills and electric vehicles manufacturing experience, the traditional automakers are not yet able to fully leverage the capacity of the cells, Tesla has fine-tuned it to a serious next level — seriously, cracking more miles from a smaller battery pack is a work of engineering art and yet Tesla has to reveal some more at the upcoming Tesla Battery Day.

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