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A closer look at the SpaceX Emergency Operations Tesla Model 3 (pics, video)

Collaboration between Elon Musk’s various companies is not a new thing, his space transportation company SpaceX often uses Tesla electric vehicles on the field wherever possible.

We saw two Tesla Model X SUVs escorting NASA astronauts for the SpaceX Demo-2 mission but they are not the only Tesla cars used by SpaceX.

A white Tesla Model 3 is performing services as an ‘Emergency Operations’ vehicle for SpaceX, it has been spotted on several occasions and SpaceX events. I have sourced some of these pictures that show its usage beyond a normal car for the end-customer.

For example, a SpaceX enthusiast and observer at the Boca Chica launch facility Mary (@BocaChicaGal) posted a stunning photo of the same Tesla Model 3 with the SpaceX logo wrapped on the doors and equipped with the emergency vehicle lighting on the top.

SpaceX Emergency Operations Tesla Model 3. Credits: @BocaChicaGal /
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SpaceX Emergency Operations Tesla Model 3 spotted at the Boca Chica launch site. Credits: @BocaChicaGal /

This SpaceX Edition Model 3 was also spotted earlier this year at a SpaceX recruitment event at the company’s Boca Chica Texas office. It was enjoying all the attention while the Mariachi music and Mexican food were igniting the passion of the candidates even further.

When the huge Starship SN2 tank was returning to the assembly area on a rolling lift, the SpaceX Model 3 can be seen monitoring the situation at the back in a live video feed from Boca Chica earlier this year.

Tip: SN2 tank starts rolling at around ~17:00 and the Tesla Model 3 SpaceX Edition joins the scene at the same time.

Integrating Tesla vehicles into the SpaceX loop not only accelerates the mission of sustainable transportation but these electric cars are also helping humans reach goals beyond the planet.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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