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Tesla Q3 push: Sep records Norway’s highest Tesla sales for 2020


Tesla (TSLA) vehicle deliveries are in full swing around the globe as the end of the third financial quarter approaches today. While in North America, Tesla owners are helping the automaker’s stores and delivery centers with the sales push, sales in Norway are also on fire.

Update: Sofiaan just reported that Santa Barbara Tesla Store also got empty yesterday, he’s reaching there today again.

Tesla Norway sales

According to live Tesla sales stats available on the website, at the time of this writing September sales have reached the current year’s highest number with 1,430 Teslas sold in total.

This is more the 300% increase in sales compared to August and if we compare it to July’s sale of 34 vehicles it’s an staggering ~4000% increase in sales.

2020 Tesla Norway sales up to Q3. Source:

Looking at the graph above shows that Tesla sales have once again started to take off as the COVID-19 pandemic situation eases. Tesla sales had just started to go increase in March this year with 1,133 units sold in Norway but the global coronavirus crisis took its toll.

Q1 2020Q2 2020Q3 200
Table: Tesla Norway total vehicle sales QoQ 2020 up to Q3.

Historically, March has been the month with the highest sales in Norway but this year September has taken the crown for now. If Tesla is able to keep pushing the sales, the end of the year would look even better.

Tesla owner went to take delivery of his Model 3 at Brumunddal, Norway Tesla Store to find out that every car was sold out.

Tesla Q3 estimated global deliveries

After research and a survey, Tesla Community member Troy Teslike has released his Q3 estimated production and delivery numbers. His estimates for the Q2 were very close, so we can safely assume this time his assessment will also be near to the actual numbers as well.

Troy’s Q3 2020 total deliveries estimate is 144,500 and interestingly for the Q4, he expects them to grow even further to around 187,000 vehicles.

Tesla delivered a total of 97,186 Model S, X, 3, and Y vehicles in Q3 2019 — if Tesla meets the 144,000 deliveries expectation, this will be a ~50% growth in Q3 YoY.

Tesla Semi’s zero-emission deliveries (again)

Tesla Semi Truck is again on its duty like the previous end-of-quarter deliveries push. The zero-emission Tesla deliveries are taking place in California and lucky owners will get their cars with the Tesla Semi at their doorstep.

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