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Artist imagines a Tesla Cyber Roadster (gallery)


After a long time, we have got a Tesla concept render that does not look bad at all. An unknown artist imagines a futuristic Tesla Roadster design that is based on the edgy and boxy Tesla Cybertruck.

These pics of the Tesla Cyber Roadster were posted on the Reddit yesterday by u/AdamMoonlight but no comment confirms that it is his original work. This concept design has received unprecedented acclaim from the Tesla Community and within less than 24 hours earned more than 4k upvotes on the Tesla Subreddit.

Tesla Cyber Roadster concept design based on the Cybertruck (side view). Source: u/AdamMoonlight

The extra-large frunk the triangular headliner, large wheels while still remaining aerodynamic like the Cybertruck is what defines the side view of this concept.

Many Cybertruck enthusiasts think that the entire Tesla lineup should gradually transition to the Cybertruck design language. If this ever happens, the entire Tesla fleet of the future will be ready for the Apocalypse.

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1980 Aston Martin Bulldog (see in the classic footage below) is the closest car that can be matched to a Tesla Cyber Roadster, only if we ignore its flat and low roofline.

In all these years writing and studying Tesla cars designed by the automaker’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen, I am sure he would have kept the light-slits on the front and rear a bit slim and more subtle.

However, just a few days ago Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that both the planned Tesla Design Centers in Shanghai, China and Gigafactory Berlin, Germany will design their original cars. Perhaps this is the best idea, Shanghai designs cars with the Chinese market in mind and we all know that Europeans love to use cars designed and manufactured in Europe.

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