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Tesla raises the price of Model 3 and Model Y again


It has been less than 2 weeks when we posted a detailed report on Tesla’s 4th Model 3 and Model Y price shuffle of this year. Tesla has again raised the price of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Long Range AWD, and Model Y Long Range AWD variants.

This time, it is a simple $500 increment to the purchase prices of the above-mentioned Model 3 and Model Y versions. Performance variants of both Model 3 and Y are unaffected by this price change.

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New Model 3 and Model Y Prices:

  • Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: $38,990
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD: $47,990
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD: $50,990

Tesla is also going to be conducting the Q1 2021 Earnings Call today. It is strongly expected that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be explaining the reasons behind the recent price hikes to the Model 3 and Model Y lineups. A strong reason probably is demand, strong demand has enabled Tesla to up the prices a bit and increase its profit per vehicle.

Despite there were no Model S or Model X vehicles produced in Q1 this year, Tesla posted record number of production and deliveries.

Elon Musk has set the target for 1 million vehicle production in 2021. Industry pundits believe that 850k+ cars can be easily achieved if Giga Berlin and Giga Texas start production this year.

Musk will surely be sharing the strategy to reach 1 million vehicles per year production in today’s Earnings Call as well.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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