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Tesla breaks ground of its Megafactory in Lathrop, California for Megapack production


Tesla workers celebrated the groundbreaking of the company’s new battery production plant called the Megafactory this past Wednesday (22 Sep) in the City of Lathrop, California. Tesla has named this Megafactory because it aims to produce its largest battery modules, the Megapacks at this location.

The Mayor of Lathrop Sonny Dhaliwal announced the groundbreaking of the Megafactory in his Facebook post:

We are proud to be the home of the Megafactory, Tesla’s most recent expansion here. The future of green energy will be produced right here in our community. This development means more prosperity for our city, more employment opportunities for our residents, and a brighter future for our planet.

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Mayor of Lathrop Sonny Dhaliwal addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of the Tesla Megafactory. Credit: Sonny Dhaliwal / Facebook.

Tesla has already been working on one of the world’s largest energy storage projects in Moss Landing, California since last year. Tesla Energy division was reportedly assembling the 3MWh Megapacks at the project site. After the Megafactory becomes functional, Tesla will be able to produce and ship Megapacks to such projects from this site.

Currently, Tesla is producing the cells and battery packs for US-made cars and energy products (Powerwall, Powerpack, Megapack) at its Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

Tesla workers celebrating the groundbreaking of the Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop, California (Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021). Credits: Sonny Dhaliwal / Facebook.

The construction and development of the Megafactory will also be creating engineering and tech jobs for Lathrop’s population of about 23,000 people. Tesla now owns around 1 million square feet of floor space in the city of Lathrop which should be ample for the large-scale manufacturing of the Megapacks.

Coupled with solar energy, the Tesla energy storage solutions are a perfect combination for producing green energy even on a grid-level scale. The world just needs to wake up from the curse of fossil fuels to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy — fulfilling Tesla’s ultimate goal.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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